Why life at 6 miles per hour?

So,  why the title  life at 6 miles per hour?   Well, I am imaging that I am seated at the navigation station  aboard my Bristol 32 sailboat, a small Dickinson heater providing a cozy atmosphere with lighting courtesy of my Weems and Plath oil lantern,  adding my thoughts to my new blog.   It is good to have an imagination.   In fact, Anne of Green Gables just would not be Anne had it not been for her wonderful imagination.  But, i will save that for another time. 

In fact,  i don’t have a Bristol 32.  If anyone recognizes the picture that I posted,  it is a Compac 23…   a great boat, but  no Bristol 32!    And, it does not have a heater,  and I am still contemplating the purchase of a Weems and Plath oil lantern.   

The name of the boat is Adagio.   My wife and I are singers, not to be confused with musicians, mind you..  that is an inside joke.   Whenever our choral ensemble performed with strings, the director would distinguish between the two groups as the  singers and the musicians..   we always thought that was odd..  seemed like we were musicians also.  i guess that it was too difficult to say  singers and instrumentalists..   but, i digress…

Adagio  –  a slow tempo –    hmm.  life at six miles per hour..  I think i get it!   Literally… well, for those who have sailed,  it comes as no surprise that the theoretical hull speed of a 23 foot sailboat is about  5.7 knots.  I was content to round that to 6 miles per hour..  it sounds good in the title…     As my wife who is relatively new to sailing soon found out,  not all moments on a sailboat are adagio moments.   There are times when one’s heart is in one’s throat as the boat heels, and the spray drenches those in the cockpit..  but,  when we were thinking of a name,  I did not share those images with her!

Moving beyond the literal…   life at six miles per hour is a personal goal… not only at sea, but  day in and day out.    It is not a new idea.   Literature and music is filled with references to slowing down.   “Take time to smell the roses”,  ” Slow down, your moving to fast…”   I imagine that you could add to the list!    I am not sure that everything that I post here will relate directly to living life at 6 miles per hour, but it is a theme which I hope to revisit often.   jt



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