My step daughter, K., and I often do not see eye to eye, but then, how could we? My eyes are crossed 🙂 In fact, it seems like we don’t have a lot of common ground, but my dog, Sadie, was a a connection.

In 2009 Sadie made her last trip to the vet. Kyra was at her dad’s that afternoon, but we stopped by the house so that she could come out and say goodbye.

Sometime after that traumatic event ( i can hardly see the screen through the tears at the moment) I wrote K. a note “from Sadie”

Dear K.,
You were not too sure if I liked you when we first met, but I sensed that you were a warm, caring little girl who would make a good friend, so I did everything I could to let you know that I thought that you were special.

I was happy when you and Aria moved into the house. It reminded me of when I was a puppy and Alison and Erik were about the same ages as you and your sister. Although you were not always around, it seemed special when you would arrive for a few days. I looked forward to going for walks with you or to playing ball with you out on the front yard. And, when you left, I always eagerly anticipated your next visit!

Jumping up on your bed and snuggling next to you for the night was a wonderful way to end the day. I was most content when everyone was home and safely tucked in for the night. I slept with Janet and Jason when you were not around, but it just was not the same!

Thanks for taking care of me. Thanks for taking the time to brush me and especially for the times when you helped Jason give me a bath. I never really liked getting wet, but I appreciated your gentle touch. ☺
Finally, thanks for coming out to say goodbye last night. That was not an easy thing to do. Many adults would have struggled with that decision.

We enjoyed a lot of happy moments together, and I consider myself to be very lucky that you and your sister came into my life when you did. I hope that you will always remember that!
Love, sadie

was it sadie , or was it me trying to reach out to a step daughter who often went out of her way to add another brick to the wall between us.. The wall is still there today, but i think that she put a few windows in it during the construction phase.. every once in a while i see a smile flash across her face, and I think that there is still hope.. jt


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