Conversation with a teenager

I have fond memories of the kitchen in the home of my first mother-in-law.   She was quite the cook, and I am honored to have some of her recipes in my file box.  One of my favorites is her banana bread.  Perhaps a bit oily, but doesn’t that just add to the taste?

Well, my step daughter ( age 16 just around the corner)  is on a healthy eating kick..  to her credit, for sure.  I admire the work that she does in the kitchen as well as the fact that she is keen on establishing a healthy diet at this point in her life.    She made banana bread early this week.   I am not sure where she got the recipe, but it certainly was not from my file box!   No oil,  whole wheat flour.. and who knows what else went into the mixing bowl. 

I tried a bite and noticed that it was a bit on the dry side ( no problem, still good with tea) ,  and  there was a hint of  banana,  and it was quite obvious that she had used whole wheat flour..   not bad, really, just different.

“K”,  I said,  “the banana bread tastes different”.  “No it doesn’t”   she responded.   ” Well,  it is kind of different”  I said.  ” tastes the same to me”  was her retort..    How does one proceed?   ” It isn’t bad”, I said “just different from what i am used to.”    her response ” you don’t have to eat it if you don’t want to”     “Actually, I was just trying to start a conversation”  I said..   no response.. ” I guess that isn’t going to happen right now”. ..  no response..   

end of conversation..  

later in the evening.. we sat on the front porch with our tea and a piece of dry banana bread..  ” it is kind of different”  i said..  ” no it isn’t”     🙂 

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