Headed for home…

Day 5..

Got an early start out of surf city..    pulled and stowed anchor number 1…    warmed up the engine… retrieved  line from anchor 2 up to the chain  – this pulled me a bit closer to the channel and  away from the shallows  Smiley    then  pulled the anchor and left it on the deck  – returning to   the cockpit to steer a course away from the beach..     the wind had actually diminished  since  4 am..   so that was in my favor.    I followed the local channel  out to the ICW   and headed home..    I used the  auto tiller  for a while so that I could  stow the second anchor  and gear..   

The wind was light early, but  I was entering the  wide open part of the bay and almost felt guilty about not sailing..  so I set the jib to see how she would respond..   2.5 knts..   double the time to get home..   I   was definitely feeling like the horse who had caught a glimpse of the barn…..   got the engine going again and off I went..     

There were many more boats on the water compared with early in the week when I was the only one on the entire bay for the first two hours!   In fact,  as I neared Waretown, there must have been at least a 100 fishing boats bobbing all around..      I encountered a few sailboats..  many motoring like me..    The seaside heights bridge was ahead  and getting clearer by the minute..    after a few hours,  I was at the entrance to Toms River..  there were folks cutting all kinds of  corners  as far as the  bouys were concerned, but I was determined to stay in the channel and not  push it –   I had no desire to  hop into the water again! 

I made my way towards my slip,  hoping to  end the trip with a smooth landing.. almost!

nudged the  dock just a bit..   and of course,  my neighbor was watching  Smiley

final statistics..     110 nautical miles   ave   4.5 knts , spent lots of money Smiley
  learned a huge amount.. 
  got a chance to visit with bob and his family  and a wonderful meal at his daughter’s restaurant!
  finally  got a chance to experience traveling by boat after  soooo many years of dreaming about it
Only in retrospect did I realize how exhausted I was when I got back.    I literally nodded off while typing this account..  Being on a small boat on the water, in the heat  really drains a person of energy!

I learned that   I really should have been doing this when i was 30..     and I was constantly reminded that I  am not 30 anymore! 

I learned that  being on a boat alone, is particularly intense..   I thought a lot about the term self-reliant through the week,  and I like to think that I am self-reliant,  but in fact,  there is nothing like sharing thoughts with experienced folks..    or having a crew of young guys  come off of the beach to lend a hand when  the chips are down..     I think that I am much more inclined to  believe in a goal of  neighborly support  as opposed to  having to do everything myself.  (  this after building my house,  largely by myself!)  Smiley  

The question of how we will get the boat to Maine is one that will be tackled next year, or perhaps even later.   For now,  my new goal is to bring Adagio home at the end of the current season.   It will be so much easier to work on her there, and I have a list of projects to tackle after this trip.    Of course, not having a trailer  or a vehicle which would tow the boat presents some logistical issues, but I believe we can manage those.   And, before the boat does end up in Maine,  should we consider a trip on the Erie Canal without the mast???   Perhaps we should  🙂  

Thanks to all who read this series of posts.   The next boat adventure will be  Barnegat Bay Bash 2013,  a gathering of  com-pac sailors at Tice’s Shoals.    I am looking forward to spending some time with  some old friends and to making some new ones..    In the meantime,  I imagine that there will be some land based adventures to write about..  jt



thanks for reading..  this closes the recording of the first long distance adventure of Adagio   2013   jt


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