Time to prepare for a sailing trip!


Later this afternoon my wife and I will be headed to Barnegat Bay to spend the weekend on the boat..   A good sailing trip  depends on preparation!   And, nothing makes for a happy trip like snickerdoodles..   This was my job this morning.    We are especially looking forward to this trip because we will be meeting up to 8 other owners of Com-Pac sailboats  for a rendezvous   at Tice’s Shoals.    I hope that they all make it, because I baked a double batch of cookies :).    Last year we had a small gathering, and my wife was not able to attend.   If all goes well, this will be her first night on the boat at anchor.    Although we awoke to grey, rainy skies , the sun promises to be out tomorrow.. at least for a bit.      Hopefully, I will have some pics and a great report on Monday!    


3 comments on “Time to prepare for a sailing trip!

  1. When we finally get underway (and actually out of this marina in Mississippi) I’ll trade you some tea and biscotti for some snickerdoodles!

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