Bear Creek Preserve


After dinner this evening, my wife and I took a short hike  at the local preserve.     We bought  a very little lot out here 5 years ago and began building a little house, a project which has yet to be finished even though we are now living here permanently .  

About 3 years ago, we began to hear murmurings about a preserve being established, practically in our backyard.   We attended a meeting to learn about the plans and left feeling pretty excited about the prospect of  a 3400 acre parcel of land being set aside.  All of a sudden, it really did not matter that we have a tiny lot – there is a huge playground right across the road! 

We have done a few hikes and trail maintenance days sponsored by the Natural Lands Trust.   This evening we ran into a couple on trail who also  have invested time and effort into establishing the trails.   It is nice to see folks out there who we recognize.    The highlight of this evenings hike was seeing two deer in the meadow.   My wife picked them out in the distance.   We were hoping that they would allow us to get closer, but they were pretty skittish.    

We hiked close to 3 miles – a fitting way of closing out summer.   Tomorrow I leave for New England with a group of 29 international students for an 8 day trip.   I imagine that I will have a report when I return next week! 

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