Lehigh Gorge Trail


My wife took the initiative to  organize an 18 mile bike ride on the Lehigh Gorge Trail.   She sent out an email at school inviting all faculty and staff  as well as students in the outdoor club to join us  on Sunday.    A few took the offer seriously and made the effort to come along!    We figured that even if one couple joined us it would be a success. In fact, we had a total of 6 folks joining us for the ride. DSC01303

I tried to do some research on the trail which is, indeed, a rail trail now called the D and L trail. It begins in White Haven and ends in Bristol ( near Philadelphia) for a total of 165 miles.

http://www.delawareandlehigh.org/ this is a link to the trail website which is very informative. Someday we would like to take a week and do the entire route, camping along the way. But, for now, we are happy to enjoy the first segment which is located just 20 minutes from our home. The path that we frequent is well maintained and absolutely beautiful as it follows the Lehigh River, a popular river for rafting and kayaking as well as for fishing. DSC01304

We were impressed with the number of people that we encountered on the trail. It is wonderful to see it get a lot of use. We are hoping that our next event will be a hike at the Bear Creek Preserve in two weeks. Perhaps more of our colleagues will take an interest since no special equipment is involved. Our plan this year is to offer outdoor opportunities on at least a monthly basis to the school community with the intent of involving as many folks, both faculty and students, as possible.

Wonderful September Weekend

The weather forecast for the weekend was very favorable, with a chance of showers Saturday night.   So we filled most of it with activities!    We began by volunteering to take a van to the Luzerne County Fair on Friday night.   I ended up with one student from each of the following countries :    Chile, Italy, Mexico, The Netherlands, Afghanistan, Spain, and the US –  what an international experience, all looking forward to their first visit to a fair in the US.  The kids had a great time.  The highlight for me was observing  a 4 day old calf snuggling up to its owner and falling asleep with its head on her lap!   Friday was a long day.  We left the house at 7 am and did not get home till 11PM.

Saturday was a day for work around the house.   Imagethe goal was to finish the shingles on the front of the house,  and I made it..  Now we just need to finish it with bleaching oil,  and then I can move on to the rest of the house..   The hours flew by and soon it was time for dinner.    Macaronni and Cheese and home made split pea soup..  I then built a fire in the pit in the back yard and we treated my niece who was visiting to her very first SMORE.   I think that she liked them – she had three 🙂

This morning dawned a bit dreary,  but my step daughter, k , was motivated.  She made whole wheat banana waffles for all of us to enjoy for breakfast.   The sun came out early in the afternoon , and my wife and I headed to the Blakeslee Preserve for a hike.Image

the colors are a bit washed out in the photos, but it was a beautiful hike.  We will have to return later in the fall.   The trailhead is a little over 6 miles from our house.


Perhaps the biggest treat was returning home to the  aroma of cabbage soup that  k had made.   Janet made smashed red potatoes  and hot cider, and we considered ourselves awfully lucky to be able to sit down at a table  in a kitchen filled with the fragrance of wholesome food.    The work week is just hours away, so we need to focus on a little school work before calling it a day.   Weekends such as this are truly a blessing!


Peach Shortcake


It has been a while since I last posted an entry.   The beginning of the school year is always hectic, and, on top of the usual demands, we are adjusting to commuting to work now that we are living off campus.   After 13 years of being a dorm parent, the adjustments are worth it 🙂 

Today was particularly interestin.  Being the only school and practically the only business in the valley that is open on Labor Day,  this morning’s commute was somewhat strange.   The roads and highways were nearly empty.    

As a concession,  we did have what we refer to as an E day today,  dismissal at  2:15.   This gave us time to make a short trip to Wapwallopen  to visit the in-laws at their orchard before returning to school to pick up my step daughter after swim practice.  We rarely leave the orchard empty-handed.  Today we had two bags of apples and one bag of wonderful, ripe peaches.   As happens from time to time, nostalgia kicked in, and I began thinking about warm summer evenings when my mother would serve peach shortcake as the main meal – at least, that is how I remember it.  

It was easy to find biscuit and short bread recipes, but I had to go on line to find a recipe for shortcake.   After dismissing the first two which relied on the use of  Bisquick,  I happened upon this particular recipe


All three of us agree that we highly recommend this link!     Half of the shortcake  is gone already..

What a wonderful way to finish the day, attempting to hold onto the last days of summer while enjoying fruit from the family farm.