Cake! :)


How could a birthday weekend be complete without a cake?     When we got home from the shore we decided that a cake was definitely in order…  so what kind to make?  One of my favorites is  a chocolate mayonaise cake  with cream cheese frosting that I have been making since I was a kid, but a close second is a three layer  4-egg yellow cake taken from the Joy of Cooking  cook book, topped with chocolate frosting found on the Hershery’s cocoa  container…     the yellow cake won,  and we decided it would be a group effort.   I made the cake, and Janet made the frosting..   we invited our neighbors over to share the cake with us.  Rhonda made it, and we sent a piece home with her for Pete.     The secret ingredient in the cake is really not all that secret at all since it is suggested in the recipe ..  substitute  a half teaspoon of almond extract in place of part of the vanilla..  yum! 

so we have one additional day off for my birthday weekend..  will the celebration continue?   🙂

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