A productive day!

ImageUsually, when I think about a productive day, it is centered around working on the house.  For example, yesterday I insulated under our mudroom floor.   I am hoping that will make it a little warmer in there this winter, and I always enjoy a sense of accomplishment while putting my tools away after a project like that.

We awoke this morning to a dreary, damp, grey sky, and it was apparent that it would not be a day for working outside.   Yet, it turned out to be no less productive ( even with a nice mid-day nap)  My step daughter, K, and I spent a lot of time in the kitchen.   I tackled making vegetable stock for a squash soup recipe that I hope to make this week, and she began with cocoa cookies.  


the kitchen was a slight disaster through much of the afternoon, but I tried to keep up with the dishes!  With the vegetable stock strained and in the refrigerator, I used the left over veggies and some of the stock to make risotto.  This will also be a dish for the coming week.  Image

Next, K started supper.  She made a farro dish with veggies and kale.  It is pretty cool to have a teen in the house who is very interested in healthy meals.  If we had told her 3 years ago that she would be a vegetarian in the future, she would have scoffed, or even worse, she might have stubbornly not allowed it to happen.. just because we suggested it..  this probably comes as no surprise to those of you who have raised teens in your household!    It turns out that we are all enjoying her interest in cooking, and that is a big plus for family harmony 🙂


Next we joined forces and made apple sauce.  Later in life, my dad grew pretty fond of making apple sauce – this came as a bit of a surprise, because, as we were growing up,  he rarely entered the kitchen except to get to the dining room.   I ended up with the sieve that we had at home,  and this is the first time that it has been used in many years..   K. did not want to put sugar in the sauce,  so we simply added cinnamon sticks to the pot, stewed the apples for a bit, and then she made the sauce – it is wonderful!    ( thanks to the apples from the family orchard  🙂   )   K.  and I agreed that  spending a day in the kitchen is more fun than school!

While K. was pressing the  apple sauce, I prepped for the bread that you see at the top of this post..    My wife arrived home  from working at the orchard to find dinner ready and waiting  and bread rising on top of the refrigerator..   what more could a wife ask for  🙂

We all just enjoyed a slice of warm bread  instead of desert!    Life is good…

One comment on “A productive day!

  1. What a great way to end my productive day at the orchard: a savory aroma in the kitchen and a delicious home-cooked, healthy meal telling me how hard my husband and daughter worked today. (Yes, I must admit that thefleeting thought “gee, I hope they aren’t expecting me to clean up this disaster” had crossed my mind.) As I write this, they are working together cleaning up the kitchen. I am quite blessed:)

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