Road Trip!

ImageDoes anyone recognize Ben and Jerry’s in downtown Burlington?   How about those happy kids?   After final exams I had the pleasure of taking my two step daughters and a friend to Burlington.   The main agenda for the trip was to see my daughter perform in a concert at Castleton State College.   She sings with the Johnson State Chamber Singers who, along with Castleton and St Michael’s,  performed individual pieces and then combined to sing Mozart’s Solemn Vespers.  My step daughter A,  has wanted to check out UVM for a while, so we arranged to combine a visit in Burlington with the concert.   We drove to Shelburne where we stayed the first night.  It is about an 8 1/2 hour drive from northeast PA, but everyone was happy and upbeat to be headed to Burlington.   We stopped for dinner at Panera in Albany and arrived at our hotel just before 10 pm.   Everyone was happy to settle in quickly for the night.

A.  had an appointment to visit UVM the next morning.   so, after breakfast at Henry’s Diner, we headed up to the campus and enjoyed a 2 hour visit and tour of the school.  The video that they show in the admissions office is very well done.  It makes one feel that there is simply no other option as far as colleges are concerned!   I was ready to sign up myself 🙂

We then made our way back down town and enjoyed a wonderful, healthy lunch at Stone Soup

Imagesorry for the blurred pic..  things happen so quickly there!    the atmosphere is cool, and the food is wonderful.   I had a piece of quiche and a slice of pumpkin pie which was still warm from the oven..   Everyone was totally happy with our lunch  experience.

After lunch, the girls headed up Church Street to shop, and I ventured down to the waterfront: Image it was a dreary day, but a trip to Burlington is fun regardless of the weather.   I enjoyed a mint chocolate chip ice cream from Ben and Jerry’s on the way down to the water.  I must have looked like a real tourist!

We left in the mid afternoon and headed south towards Castleton.   The girls all fell asleep and gave me some quiet time on the way.  We arrived at the school just as they were finishing up rehearsal so we met Alison and walked downtown to  see about getting dinner.  None of us knew what to expect, but we found a nice restaurant and enjoyed time together before Alison had to leave to head back to the school.  

The concert was wonderful.  Each group did two or three numbers before combing for the Vespers.   We thoroughly enjoyed the concert and the limited time that we had to spend with Alison.  After saying goodbye, we headed to Rutland where we were staying for the night.  On Saturday we got up bright and early and started home.  A. needed to be back in Scranton where she had a rehearsal at 2:30 in the afternoon.   It was a short trip, but it was a memorable one!



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