lofting board ( am I crazy?)


Looking ahead to the sailing season,  I have invested pondered long and hard about an appropriate dinghy for  Adagio.   Last year I was going to tow my  16 foot dory – built by my son and me around 10 years ago   – terribly out of proportion for a 23 foot sailboat, but  it was ready and willing, and it rows oh so well..  but then I discovered that the state of NJ would require me to  register it, and that meant lots of paperwork and lots of money that I preferred to keep in my wallet! As it turned out,  I sailed without a dinghy most of the summer, and, when I needed one, I borrowed from the previous owner..

But, I really need my own if, as hoped, I head north this summer, leaving NJ waters behind me.  So the second alternative was  the dory skiff that I built while still living in NH 16 years ago.   It has been neglected for quite a while, but I was hoping that I might breath new life into it – replacing a rotten transom and perhaps fixing rot elsewhere with epoxy.  After dragging it into my basement and letting it thaw out, however,  I was dismayed to discover that it is beyond any reasonable attempt at repair.  I will have to give it a proper burial at some point, but, for now, it is in pieces out back.

This brings me to the third option.. buy a plastic dinghy or build a new one..   I firmly believe that Adagio deserves better than plastic.   Of course, she is fiberglass ( plastic) herself, but  from a distance, her classic lines would pass for a boat built in a very different era.  And, even more importantly, plastic dinghies are not built for rowing…  while a true Maine skiff is..  so there we have it.   The picture above is of my lofting board.  The plans come from DuckTrap woodworking in Maine.   I visited there 20 years ago, and the plans have been sitting on my shelf in the interim, and now I will attempt to bring them to life… not that I have oodles of time, of course, but I do have desire, and I needed a new project during this cold snap – it is just too cold out there to work on the exterior of the house!   It was -4 degrees F  as we left for school this morning…  stay tuned for progress reports as well as for another new project that we will begin as spring approaches..   yup – I am crazy! 


2 comments on “lofting board ( am I crazy?)

  1. marymaryone says:

    That sailing venture up north, wouldn’t be towards Maine would it 🙂

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