making progress on the boat!


Perhaps I am the only one in the world like this, but, when I have a task that needs to be done which does not happen to be one of the favorite things on my list such as  grading and other school work, I find that I am rather productive in just about every other realm of my life!  This happens to be one of those weekends 🙂   yes I do have school related work that needs to be completed, but it isn’t really due until Tuesday..  and there are so many more exciting things to do in the meantime!    We took a hike this morning, and the early afternoon was devoted to setting up the frames for the boat project.  I constructed them along with the strong-back yesterday and decided to tackle the set up this afternoon.   – just three frames, but I find that measuring everything 3 or 4 times works for me and that takes time.  I also found that using  both a level and a plumb bob was helpful – very reassuring when they agree as far as lining up the molds on the center line.   Lastly,  I checked it by eye..  now, those who know me might chuckle at that because I have a crooked eye!  But, i have to close one anyhow to see how things line up, so that is ok  🙂

It may be a while before I can begin the next step.  I called the lumber company and ordered the materials that I need for the stem, transom and planking.  It may take a week or so, but it will be good quality, so it is worth the wait.   Along with the plans for the boat that I bought so many years ago, I also bought the companion instruction book from Walt Simmons.   In his introduction,  he states that the building sequence is split up into 40  one hour tasks  and then shows his teenaged son and a friend working on the boat.   He reports that they completed the boat in a week and sold it the next day!    Well,  I am already well behind the pace set by those young lads!  But that is ok.   I will be combining some of Walt’s methods with techniques that we learned on the first project back in NH.  That boat was “Daisy”  designed by Harry Bryan.  Anyone who might be interested in boat building would be well served to look up Harry’s web page and read his story – what a fascinating character!    

I have just about run out of  alternative tasks.. I guess I had better sit down and start correcting those tests…  but then, as all of the world can see, my shop needs a bit of sprucing up…   🙂

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