Pinchot Trail – Lackawana State Forest


We tried to beat the rain this morning – decided to investigate another trail system that is close by, perhaps a 9 mile drive or so to the trailhead.    A group of 4 hikers started about 75 yards in front of us.  Other than that, we did not run into another soul.   Before we left, Janet reminded me that I had mentioned digging out the GPS from the boat stuff.  I put fresh batteries in it, and then we were off.   The trail is a 23 mile loop with a number of side trails.   Our map showed the side trails were blazed in red, but I guess that they have recently been re-done in yellow.   We opted for a smaller loop which I estimated to be around 3 miles.   

There were a few drops in the air as we were leaving, but nothing too threatening.  By the time we made it to the observation deck, around 1.4 miles,  it started to drizzle.  We decided to return the way we came rather than to risk a longer route since we were not exactly prepared for  rain.   There was time to enjoy a drink and a snack at the observation deck.  Image

Then we turned back and completed the hike before we got drenched.   All in all, we  completed 3.2 miles, and we were pleased about discovering another excellent trail system close by.   Unlike the bear creek preserve,  it is permissible to backpack and camp on the Pinchot trail.   Perhaps we will try that out this summer! 

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