Do I really need another new project?? :)

ImageAt the end of the school year, my wife will be leaving the classroom to join her brother on the family orchard.  This is an idea that we have been discussing for 2 years or so, and it appears that now is the time to make the move!   In many ways, it will be a new adventure for all of us, as we anticipate spending significantly more time, particularly in late summer and fall, at the orchard.    In short, we need a place to stay over night on the farm.  

The solution…   a tiny house!  For a number of years, I have been following the tiny house movement, reading blogs about folks who are building tiny houses, often on trailers, and adopting minimalist lifestyles in exchange for greater financial freedom or simply to leave a smaller footprint on our fragile earth.  Although I have been fascinated by the idea, I never thought that building a tiny house would be practical for us – until now!  

I turned to the stack of plans that I have been collecting over the years and pulled out one of the first set of that I ordered – probably 20 years ago.   The design is for a child’s playhouse – 8 x 10 with a decidedly Victorian appearance.  I bought those plans thinking that I might build the structure for my daughter.  She is now 26 and hardly needs a playhouse, but…  if we extend the footprint to  16 feet..   and that is exactly what we are doing!    Our tiny house will not be on a trailer, but we will borrow many of the ideas that the trailerable houses have incorporated.  

By good fortune, the spring production at school requires very little in terms of set construction so I asked if we might use the shop space to begin construction on my tiny house while using the opportunity to give the stage crew a meaningful construction experience.  We got the green light from the administration,  and, losing no time, I submitted a materials list to the local Lowe’s store..  and this is where we are at the moment.   The plan is to build the house in components which can later be taken apart and moved to the orchard ( a 35 minute drive)  later in the spring.  Image  the interior layout..



lots of folks just see a pile of lumber here..   I see a house!   🙂


a focused and enthusiastic group of students lending a hand!


so this is what  8 x 16  actually looks like..  sure is good that we get along very well!


looks just like a real house!    So this is what we have accomplished since Wednesday..  I was fortunate to be able to get into the shop after school on Friday and to spend a good part of Saturday ( yesterday)  there by myself..   so far so good! 


2 comments on “Do I really need another new project?? :)

  1. marymaryone says:

    Good luck on your new adventure.

    • lifeat6mph says:

      Thanks so much! It certainly will be fun to camp out in our new tiny house, and I know that my wife will find working on the farm to be very satisfying.. I saw your photo of the early spring flowers.. I was hoping by now that we would have some blooms – instead we had ice and snow and a two hour delay today! But, any day now, they will be opening up 🙂

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