Time to quit for the weekend…


I had great expectations for today..  but I woke up way too early ( thanks cat!!!)  and couldn’t get back to sleep..  so I got up and started the tiny house entry on this blog..  and then I got inspired to bake chocolate chip cookies..   the kitchen was cleaned up by  7:30 am..  and then I came into school to resume work on the tiny house.. 

But it was a little slow today..  so I got the three sections of the back wall framed and sheathed and one side wall framed.   I had hoped to get more done, but my body is telling me that it is time for a nap 🙂   No sense in sticking around here and hitting my finger with my hammer because I am getting tired..     I keep thinking about my compressor and nail gun at home, but I figured since I expected my students to use a hammer, I should do the same.. even though they are not here right now!  

I will save the nail gun for the  interior finish work.. most of the interior will be wood, so  the nail gun will be particularly helpful.   I guess that  I am pretty pleased with the progress so far..  Realistically,  the walls should be framed and in position in another week and a half.  Then I will make the decision about whether to cut the rafters while we are still inside.  That will depend on the weather and on how soon we can get the minimal site work done at the orchard.  


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