Framing just about complete..


Looking in through the front door…  I had a very productive morning – switching from a 22 oz  hammer  to my nail gun had something to do with that!   But today I had a limited time frame.   For her birthday, I bought tickets for my wife and I to see a simulcast of La Boheme from the Met, and the curtain went up at  12:55 in the afternoon.   So,  I listened to Brad Paisley and friends on Froggy 101 this afternoon and then switched to Puccini in the afternoon.   This was my first opera, and I was certainly impressed by the musicianship of the performers, but to be completely honest, I was totally impressed by the sets and the set construction..   the neat thing about the HD broadcasts is that they show you what is going on backstage in between acts..  that was simply amazing.

So, we are getting near to the point where we will want to get the trailer and ship all of these parts down to the orchard.   It seems that a new idea has emerged for the placement of the tiny house..  there is a concrete pad poured in my brother-in-law’s back yard, and he suggested that we put it there..   that just might make a lot of sense.  It certainly would mean getting an earlier start down there, and that is a good thing!    One of the benefits is that it would be pretty easy to run a sub-panel from his house.    

I am wondering about fitting in a 20 inch electric range..  that would give us a few more options ( like baking cookies )    we will investigate that before we do the final layout of the interior..  



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