A busy day!

Two major initiatives today –  one was a hike on the preserve with friends..   and what a day for a hike!   On the way in we discussed the fact that we heard recent reports about bears being on the move..  it is about that time – we did not happen to run into any today, however.   

Instead, we were fortunate to be able to enjoy the area with many beautiful spots along the trail.  Image this is a little stream that eventually leads to Shades Creek, which, in turn empties into Bear Creek and then the Lehigh River..   and the Lehigh empties into the Delaware at Easton PA..  and the Delaware flows past Philadelphia on its way to the Atlantic Ocean..    wow.. I don’t often think about that! 


There is a fair amount of water in the area as the last remnants of snow  have yet to  disappear.


This is where the stream unites with Shades Creek.   It seems like a pretty secluded spot – not that easy to get to..  and very beautiful!  After a hike of just over three miles we returned home and enjoyed great conversation and a nice dinner prepared by my step daughter.. the future chef!   What a great way to end the day!


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