A beautiful and productive Easter Weekend!

We thought that we were moving the tiny house to its new home last weekend, but circumstances conspired to negate that plan, so we held off to this past weekend and implemented a new plan.   Over the course of three days, with just a couple of setbacks like a dead battery in the truck that we needed to tow the trailer, we successfully moved all of the pieces of the house to the orchard.  Yesterday we enjoyed a nice Easter Dinner with my wife’s family, but only after making significant progress on re-assembling the house..  now we can really get going!


we placed 2 inches of foam insulation beneath the subfloor…


we left gaps at either end to enable any trapped water to drain.. once the house is dried in, we will spray insulation from underneath to close these gaps..


is she dancing?   you bet!   happy to have the sub floor in place 🙂


not bad for a days work!   that is a plum orchard behind the house, and the apples are on the hill in the background..   our goal, although a bit unrealistic, perhaps, is to spend a night in the house during the bloom..  that gives us about 3 weeks   …  or perhaps more likely,   a year and 3 weeks!  🙂


wrapped up for the day..  feeling pretty good about accomplishing what we did..   maybe I will get to finish the sheathing this afternoon after work..  then on to the roof!

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