A productive evening!

ImageThe goal for the afternoon/evening was to finish the sheathing..  and I made it!  As usual, the first piece took forever, and then it was smooth sailing after that.  There were a few moments when I really could have used an extra hand, but I was able to put the tools away before it got dark, so I really can’t complain.   The next step is the finish the blocking at the top where there will be a joint in the plywood..  and then i can start on the rafters.   If all goes well,  that will happen this weekend.   It is supposed to rain tomorrow ( Friday )  and we have a tech rehearsal at school on Saturday,  so I wont’ be able to tackle this next phase till Saturday afternoon or Sunday..  but Sunday is supposed to be a nice day.  so look out!   🙂

Imagethe orchard is looking pretty nice about this time..  we are keeping our fingers crossed that the weather is kind the next 5 weeks or so..   My wife and I talked this morning about some decisions.. like a source of heat.   If it is at all feasible, we would like to go the route of installing a small wood stove…Our thinking is that we will really be using the house a lot during the fall.. not so much during the winter..  so maybe we don’t need to keep it heated all winter..    we also decided to install a sky light in the loft area.   I think that will add a nice touch, and with a pitch of  12/9 ,  i think that the likelihood of leaks will be minimal..  

Image the next big decision will be how we finish off the exterior..   I have been considering a whole range of ideas from board and batten,  to vertical T&G pine,  to a novelty siding..    just about time to figure that one out!  

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