Another Weekend at the Farm!

Image Well, it may not look all that different, but I do have all of the sheathing in place, and the staging is set up so that we can move onto the rafters next!   There is also quite a load of materials ready to be added to the building..   we have three loads from Lowe’s  sitting there at the moment..   so it was a busy weekend..  and,  not all of the weekend activity was building related..

About 15 years ago, when I was still in my 30’s,..  well, late 30’s..  ok, 39….    I was working with a fellow who taught me a lot about a lot of things..  mostly outdoor work, with our hands..  we skinned bark off of logs..  we cut down trees,  we put tents up and took tents down..  it was all good stuff,  but, in all of the time we worked together, he only let me drive the tractor once..  and I was so excited that day, I called my brother to tell him that I got to drive the tractor..  well.  of course, being so much more older, wiser, and mature these days,  one would think that driving tractors is no big deal, but that simply is not the case..  today I got to drive not one, but two different tractors..  I even got to till my father in law’s garden with the tractor..  Image



so , what I actually learned today is that there is a whole lot to learn about tractors, and implements and maintaining them..  but, that is something to look forward to!

speaking of life at 6mph…   tractors are not designed for speed,  but they are still cool 🙂   It turned out to be a great weekend!



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