What a beautiful weekend!

Well,  I was so focused on working  the last day and a half, I forgot to take any pictures!   But, an update is in order just the same..   We spent our first night in the tiny house!!   sleeping bags and mats sufficed, and it was kind of special to wake up  in our loft 🙂  

My goal this weekend was to get the electrical work finished, and I am almost there.    I still have to drive two ground rods into the ground and hook them up..  because we are running a sub panel, we need a separate ground, and the ground bar in the panel needs to be separate from the  neutral bar..   I have two of the circuits hooked up to the breakers and three more to go..  the wiring is all run  
1 circuit  for the “living room”  20 amp
1 circuit for the loft        20 amp
1 circuit for the  sink side of the “kitchen”   including the small refrigerator   20 amp
1 circuit for the stove side of the “kitchen”   includes the power needs of a gas stove   20  amp
1 circuit for the lights..   15 amp

it looks like everything should work.. but time will tell.  of course, I have no power to the box yet..  we need to dig a trench  and run wires  120 feet.   I am going to need some heavy duty wires for that run!

I also took time to make sure that I have nailing surfaces for all of the interior wood paneling..   added some extra depth to the rafters so that  they will take the full 7 inches of insulation that I plan on putting in the roof.    installed the pro vent panels  for venting purposes..    I went to Lowes to see if they had the old time  metal sofit vents..  and they did not.. i guess it is a specialty order thing these days..   at least in our area where everyone uses vinyl.

And, perhaps the biggest moment of the weekend..  my father in law stopped by for an inspection..  he was pretty impressed .. so, even at 54 years old, it is still kind of nice to make a good impression on one’s father in law  🙂

a couple of loose ends to manage and then it is time for insulation..    and then I can begin installing the interior paneling.  At that point,  things will really start to get exciting!

Memorial Day Weekend Update

ImageI hope that everyone is enjoying a meaningful Memorial Day Weekend!    I had the opportunity to spend Friday – Sunday at the orchard.   Friday evening I finished the second gable end –  tar paper and two windows…   After a short bike ride and eggs for breakfast at my mother-in-law’s on Saturday,  I tackled the last side of the house.. tar paper and one window..   and then  got the door in  and the little portico hung.. not sure about the final placement – it is a bit high right now with the thought that we will fit an exterior light beneath it which needs to clear the screen door.   The second option is to  place the light to one side or the other and lower the portico..   that will be my wife’s decision – but feel free to chime in ! 

 So now we are dried in !!   and, I framed in the two closet areas..     I also used Friday to do some shopping!   I stopped at two local lumberyards..  the first one I have used quite a lot for our Bear Creek house,  but they did not have the type of siding that I am looking for..   I have seen it referred to as Novelty Siding..   it is tongue and groove with a bit of a scallop at the top instead of a V groove.     The second guy is much closer to the tiny house, and I have bought a few things from him.. and  I have been very satisfied..  he is a young guy, and he works hard – I respect his work ethic.   And,  he has the cutters to make the boards I want    So I ordered both the siding and  regular V groove for the interior.    The bill comes to just under  2k.  I asked him if he wanted a down payment,  and he said, no  and that I can pick up the interior wood next week!    wow.. nice to work  with folks like that  

So, I am planning the electrical layout..  getting ready to pick up the  insulation..   and really getting excited to finish off the inside..   I told my wife to wait till I got things cleaned up before coming out to check  the recent progress..   she was thrilled..    when she saw the loft, she suggested that we make a spot for the porti potti up there..    the loft is   9 feet long.. and there should be plenty of space , so that is a great idea..  no negotiating a ladder in the middle of the night    She is  5′ 2″  ,   and she is thrilled that she has standing headroom in the loft..   the benefits of being short! 

Today  I turned my attention to other things – lent a hand round the orchard..  did some garden work,  cleaned and organized my brother-in-law’s garage where I am storing my tools and materials,   did some chores for my father-in-law..    and  mowed grass..   first time on the x mart   mower..   the job was to mow between trees..  without hitting any of them !!    things went relatively well.. I scared up a bunch of baby bunnies..    ended up hitting  one guy wire..  bummer.  that is going to need to be replaced…   😦

We did finalize some planning for the house..   we will run a sub panel from my brother in law’s house..  maybe 30 or 50 amp.  depends on how expensive the wire will be  for a run  of about  120 feet.    And we will install a vented  gas heater  along with a small ( 20 inch)  gas stove ..   time to order those and to run the gas pipes..    Looking forward to lots of time to work this coming week..   final exams tomorrow ( yes, on  the holiday )   but then free most of the rest of the week!! 

Another weekend and lots.. well, some progress.. never as much as I anticipate!

ImageIt’s beginning to look like a house!   I am having some difficulty convincing my  Father-in-law that is really is a little house.. just on the tiny side!   Today I told him that I got three windows in, and his question was .. ” are these the kind of windows that open”?… well,  yes, just like in a real house 🙂

The milestone for the day  is that I got the roof finished..  the staging down – no more climbing up on the roof with bundles of shingles!   Of course, I was hoping that I might have all of the windows and the door in as well, but we got a shower mid-afternoon, and that put a halt to work for a while.   So next weekend, I hope to be totally enclosed.. maybe I will even get some of the window trim up.  We could actually take our sleeping bags down and spend our first night.. but it is going to need a very good sweeping out first…

ImageWe have one more week of school, followed by final exams, and after that, I will have significantly more time to devote to working on the house.   I sure am looking forward to having a chunk of time to spend on the project.   ImageYesterday a couple was driving by in a pickup, and they slowed down and rolled down the window and shouted ” nice job”   That is life in a small town at its best!  Pretty soon, we are going to have to make a final decision on the exterior siding … it won’t be too long till we need it! 


I am feeling wonderfully exhausted!

ImageWell, it has been quite a weekend.. I thought that I was going to work on the house both days, but then it dawned on me that  I had a tech rehearsal on Saturday for our upcoming dance production.  Bummer!!   6 hours sitting in the booth – wishing instead to be on the roof!   Yes, that sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?    It was nearing 5 pm when I got to the orchard yesterday, but that meant that there was still about 3 hours of light.. so I tackled some of the preliminary work – closing in the other gable end, putting the overhang on the back side of the house – little things that would put me in good shape for today..  

It rained a bit last night and things were still wet this morning, so we started the day off with a walk.   The orchard is in the middle of the bloom.. very pretty.


It is kind of funny how we have already forgotten what a trying winter we had!   Around 9 am the work began.  There was still prep work to be done before I could break open the shingles.   Some of the trim needed to be put in place … next came the drip edge and then the ice and water shield and the tar paper higher up on the roof.    and then more drip edge..  and finally, it was time to shingle.   I was still thinking that I just might finish the roof by evening, but already, the up and down and climbing around had begun to take a toll on my  less than in shape body!   The shingles went rather well.. just a few adjustments along the way, and things fell very nicely.    The roof jacks were an absolute necessity..   In some way the steepness of a 12 over 9 pitch is somewhat challenging, but, on the other hand, you don’t have to bend over quite as much!  

There were a few photo ops  from the ridge…



I need to fill in some of this space yet, but first I needed to install the strapping that you see here..   next trip I will make the gap appropriately sized  for a ridge vent..


So  it was not particularly comfortable sitting on that ridge, but the view was worth it! 


and this is what the house looks like with one side shingled..  I got the ice and water shield and the  tar paper and drip edge on the other side..  next trip should be very productive, and it is entirely reasonable to think that I could have the roof finished with one more day of work..  then it will be on to  doors and windows  🙂       

So,  I could not help but think about the song  ” Up on the roof”  when I was sitting up there..   also thought about the scene in  Anne of Green Gables  when Anne decides to walk the ridge of the house and falls and twists her ankle..    avoided that !     I also thought about how I used to climb trees all afternoon when I was a kid.. I sure don’t remember ever feeling this sore and exhausted then 🙂    But, there is nothing more satisfying then looking over what you accomplished at the end of the day.. even when it hurts to put all of your tools away!

I guess you can expect this sort of thing when you live in Bear Creek!

Image  we were having a quiet morning, enjoying our oatmeal, when all of a sudden my wife put her bowl on the floor and jumped up..  this fella was out by our car and headed our way.    She got a little excited ( thus the blurry picture)  as he got closer to the house..   It dawned on me that I should take down the suet feeders that I just filled last night..  but they were already gone!      He must have been around for a while..  We watched as he walked into the woods and retrieved the second of the two feeders.   He probably ripped the first on apart in no time.   The second one was a sturdier version ( and more expensive)   designed to keep out the squirrels.   But it was no match for his strength.   Soon he was munching on a snack of suet.   He walked around the house and eyed the feeder that is on the back deck.. I guess that it is good that I don’t have steps built yet – or that would have been gone too! 

We thought that we just might have to call school and tell them that we were trapped by a bear and would not be making it in on time..  but, after about 10 minutes or so, he headed off slowly, and we felt that it would be safe to get to the car.      I know that he can run fast, but the way that he ambled around the house got me thinking that this guy really understands and  appreciates life at 6 mph  🙂  

More work on the tiny house.

Image It was a bit of a blustery day, so I had to time the trips up the ladder with a full sheet of plywood carefully!    As always, I had dreamed of getting way more done than I actually did this weekend, but it was  a great weekend overall,  and I am pretty pleased with how things turned out.. Image  the first project on Saturday morning was to put the loft in.. I figured that the rafters would be a lot easier to deal with if I had at least a partial platform to work from  inside the house..  decided to make the loft 9 feet long.  that leaves a  6 and a half feet of cathedral ceiling in the  “living room”  🙂

Image I have been thinking about windows in the gable ends..   with such a steep pitch,  I just might be able to fit the same size windows up there that I have in the rest of the house.. that would be great, because they are stock  and relatively inexpensive compared with smaller ones that I would have to special order..   and it would give us  an escape route  in the event that we needed an alternative exit from the loft ..  and it would give us plenty of light up there..      the goal for next weekend is to finish the roof and to close in the gable ends…   then  tar paper and windows 🙂