More work on the tiny house.

Image It was a bit of a blustery day, so I had to time the trips up the ladder with a full sheet of plywood carefully!    As always, I had dreamed of getting way more done than I actually did this weekend, but it was  a great weekend overall,  and I am pretty pleased with how things turned out.. Image  the first project on Saturday morning was to put the loft in.. I figured that the rafters would be a lot easier to deal with if I had at least a partial platform to work from  inside the house..  decided to make the loft 9 feet long.  that leaves a  6 and a half feet of cathedral ceiling in the  “living room”  🙂

Image I have been thinking about windows in the gable ends..   with such a steep pitch,  I just might be able to fit the same size windows up there that I have in the rest of the house.. that would be great, because they are stock  and relatively inexpensive compared with smaller ones that I would have to special order..   and it would give us  an escape route  in the event that we needed an alternative exit from the loft ..  and it would give us plenty of light up there..      the goal for next weekend is to finish the roof and to close in the gable ends…   then  tar paper and windows 🙂 


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