I guess you can expect this sort of thing when you live in Bear Creek!

Image  we were having a quiet morning, enjoying our oatmeal, when all of a sudden my wife put her bowl on the floor and jumped up..  this fella was out by our car and headed our way.    She got a little excited ( thus the blurry picture)  as he got closer to the house..   It dawned on me that I should take down the suet feeders that I just filled last night..  but they were already gone!      He must have been around for a while..  We watched as he walked into the woods and retrieved the second of the two feeders.   He probably ripped the first on apart in no time.   The second one was a sturdier version ( and more expensive)   designed to keep out the squirrels.   But it was no match for his strength.   Soon he was munching on a snack of suet.   He walked around the house and eyed the feeder that is on the back deck.. I guess that it is good that I don’t have steps built yet – or that would have been gone too! 

We thought that we just might have to call school and tell them that we were trapped by a bear and would not be making it in on time..  but, after about 10 minutes or so, he headed off slowly, and we felt that it would be safe to get to the car.      I know that he can run fast, but the way that he ambled around the house got me thinking that this guy really understands and  appreciates life at 6 mph  🙂  


4 comments on “I guess you can expect this sort of thing when you live in Bear Creek!

  1. Rick says:

    Bet that heart wasnt going six 🙂
    Great post. Thanks.

  2. lifeat6mph says:

    that is true.. we were pretty excited.. but it does not take much.. this afternoon a turkey passed by the same area, and we were thrilled about that too…. and, it looks like the hummingbirds are back I put some hooks up on our second floor balcony so that we can safely put the humming bird feeders out.. my wife just made up some sugar water, and they are hanging in place.. it is a lot of fun to watch them throughout the summer!

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