I am feeling wonderfully exhausted!

ImageWell, it has been quite a weekend.. I thought that I was going to work on the house both days, but then it dawned on me that  I had a tech rehearsal on Saturday for our upcoming dance production.  Bummer!!   6 hours sitting in the booth – wishing instead to be on the roof!   Yes, that sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?    It was nearing 5 pm when I got to the orchard yesterday, but that meant that there was still about 3 hours of light.. so I tackled some of the preliminary work – closing in the other gable end, putting the overhang on the back side of the house – little things that would put me in good shape for today..  

It rained a bit last night and things were still wet this morning, so we started the day off with a walk.   The orchard is in the middle of the bloom.. very pretty.


It is kind of funny how we have already forgotten what a trying winter we had!   Around 9 am the work began.  There was still prep work to be done before I could break open the shingles.   Some of the trim needed to be put in place … next came the drip edge and then the ice and water shield and the tar paper higher up on the roof.    and then more drip edge..  and finally, it was time to shingle.   I was still thinking that I just might finish the roof by evening, but already, the up and down and climbing around had begun to take a toll on my  less than in shape body!   The shingles went rather well.. just a few adjustments along the way, and things fell very nicely.    The roof jacks were an absolute necessity..   In some way the steepness of a 12 over 9 pitch is somewhat challenging, but, on the other hand, you don’t have to bend over quite as much!  

There were a few photo ops  from the ridge…



I need to fill in some of this space yet, but first I needed to install the strapping that you see here..   next trip I will make the gap appropriately sized  for a ridge vent..


So  it was not particularly comfortable sitting on that ridge, but the view was worth it! 


and this is what the house looks like with one side shingled..  I got the ice and water shield and the  tar paper and drip edge on the other side..  next trip should be very productive, and it is entirely reasonable to think that I could have the roof finished with one more day of work..  then it will be on to  doors and windows  🙂       

So,  I could not help but think about the song  ” Up on the roof”  when I was sitting up there..   also thought about the scene in  Anne of Green Gables  when Anne decides to walk the ridge of the house and falls and twists her ankle..    avoided that !     I also thought about how I used to climb trees all afternoon when I was a kid.. I sure don’t remember ever feeling this sore and exhausted then 🙂    But, there is nothing more satisfying then looking over what you accomplished at the end of the day.. even when it hurts to put all of your tools away!

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