Another weekend and lots.. well, some progress.. never as much as I anticipate!

ImageIt’s beginning to look like a house!   I am having some difficulty convincing my  Father-in-law that is really is a little house.. just on the tiny side!   Today I told him that I got three windows in, and his question was .. ” are these the kind of windows that open”?… well,  yes, just like in a real house 🙂

The milestone for the day  is that I got the roof finished..  the staging down – no more climbing up on the roof with bundles of shingles!   Of course, I was hoping that I might have all of the windows and the door in as well, but we got a shower mid-afternoon, and that put a halt to work for a while.   So next weekend, I hope to be totally enclosed.. maybe I will even get some of the window trim up.  We could actually take our sleeping bags down and spend our first night.. but it is going to need a very good sweeping out first…

ImageWe have one more week of school, followed by final exams, and after that, I will have significantly more time to devote to working on the house.   I sure am looking forward to having a chunk of time to spend on the project.   ImageYesterday a couple was driving by in a pickup, and they slowed down and rolled down the window and shouted ” nice job”   That is life in a small town at its best!  Pretty soon, we are going to have to make a final decision on the exterior siding … it won’t be too long till we need it! 


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