Memorial Day Weekend Update

ImageI hope that everyone is enjoying a meaningful Memorial Day Weekend!    I had the opportunity to spend Friday – Sunday at the orchard.   Friday evening I finished the second gable end –  tar paper and two windows…   After a short bike ride and eggs for breakfast at my mother-in-law’s on Saturday,  I tackled the last side of the house.. tar paper and one window..   and then  got the door in  and the little portico hung.. not sure about the final placement – it is a bit high right now with the thought that we will fit an exterior light beneath it which needs to clear the screen door.   The second option is to  place the light to one side or the other and lower the portico..   that will be my wife’s decision – but feel free to chime in ! 

 So now we are dried in !!   and, I framed in the two closet areas..     I also used Friday to do some shopping!   I stopped at two local lumberyards..  the first one I have used quite a lot for our Bear Creek house,  but they did not have the type of siding that I am looking for..   I have seen it referred to as Novelty Siding..   it is tongue and groove with a bit of a scallop at the top instead of a V groove.     The second guy is much closer to the tiny house, and I have bought a few things from him.. and  I have been very satisfied..  he is a young guy, and he works hard – I respect his work ethic.   And,  he has the cutters to make the boards I want    So I ordered both the siding and  regular V groove for the interior.    The bill comes to just under  2k.  I asked him if he wanted a down payment,  and he said, no  and that I can pick up the interior wood next week!    wow.. nice to work  with folks like that  

So, I am planning the electrical layout..  getting ready to pick up the  insulation..   and really getting excited to finish off the inside..   I told my wife to wait till I got things cleaned up before coming out to check  the recent progress..   she was thrilled..    when she saw the loft, she suggested that we make a spot for the porti potti up there..    the loft is   9 feet long.. and there should be plenty of space , so that is a great idea..  no negotiating a ladder in the middle of the night    She is  5′ 2″  ,   and she is thrilled that she has standing headroom in the loft..   the benefits of being short! 

Today  I turned my attention to other things – lent a hand round the orchard..  did some garden work,  cleaned and organized my brother-in-law’s garage where I am storing my tools and materials,   did some chores for my father-in-law..    and  mowed grass..   first time on the x mart   mower..   the job was to mow between trees..  without hitting any of them !!    things went relatively well.. I scared up a bunch of baby bunnies..    ended up hitting  one guy wire..  bummer.  that is going to need to be replaced…   😦

We did finalize some planning for the house..   we will run a sub panel from my brother in law’s house..  maybe 30 or 50 amp.  depends on how expensive the wire will be  for a run  of about  120 feet.    And we will install a vented  gas heater  along with a small ( 20 inch)  gas stove ..   time to order those and to run the gas pipes..    Looking forward to lots of time to work this coming week..   final exams tomorrow ( yes, on  the holiday )   but then free most of the rest of the week!! 

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