What a beautiful weekend!

Well,  I was so focused on working  the last day and a half, I forgot to take any pictures!   But, an update is in order just the same..   We spent our first night in the tiny house!!   sleeping bags and mats sufficed, and it was kind of special to wake up  in our loft 🙂  

My goal this weekend was to get the electrical work finished, and I am almost there.    I still have to drive two ground rods into the ground and hook them up..  because we are running a sub panel, we need a separate ground, and the ground bar in the panel needs to be separate from the  neutral bar..   I have two of the circuits hooked up to the breakers and three more to go..  the wiring is all run  
1 circuit  for the “living room”  20 amp
1 circuit for the loft        20 amp
1 circuit for the  sink side of the “kitchen”   including the small refrigerator   20 amp
1 circuit for the stove side of the “kitchen”   includes the power needs of a gas stove   20  amp
1 circuit for the lights..   15 amp

it looks like everything should work.. but time will tell.  of course, I have no power to the box yet..  we need to dig a trench  and run wires  120 feet.   I am going to need some heavy duty wires for that run!

I also took time to make sure that I have nailing surfaces for all of the interior wood paneling..   added some extra depth to the rafters so that  they will take the full 7 inches of insulation that I plan on putting in the roof.    installed the pro vent panels  for venting purposes..    I went to Lowes to see if they had the old time  metal sofit vents..  and they did not.. i guess it is a specialty order thing these days..   at least in our area where everyone uses vinyl.

And, perhaps the biggest moment of the weekend..  my father in law stopped by for an inspection..  he was pretty impressed .. so, even at 54 years old, it is still kind of nice to make a good impression on one’s father in law  🙂

a couple of loose ends to manage and then it is time for insulation..    and then I can begin installing the interior paneling.  At that point,  things will really start to get exciting!

2 comments on “What a beautiful weekend!

  1. It already sounds very exciting!

  2. lifeat6mph says:

    thanks… we just finished up a discussion of storage options.. almost like living on a boat!

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