It isn’t a house if we can’t bake cookies..

first cookies  that was my response when my wife raised her eyebrows when I said that I was looking for a small stove for our tiny house…   I think she understands now 🙂     My first batch of  oatmeal/craison/ white chip cookies has the house smelling like home..    

We had friends over for pizza last night – thank goodness for the patio and picnic table – and a beautiful day and evening which concluded only after we enjoyed a fire in the fire pit.. we certainly won’t be doing a lot of entertaining during the winter months, but there is always room for a friend or two to share a cup of tea..


Making Progress…

Who would have imagined that it would take a whole summer to build a tiny house!   In fact,  I have been distracted from time to time, and I am not attempting to complete in record time – But then, since this is my first tiny house, I guess it will be record time regardless of how long it takes me!

The gas guys came and hooked up our tiny oven and heater the other dayth74 I must  have the stove converted to LP before I get to bake my first batch of cookies.. but I am anxious to turn that into a reality!

Here are some other photos of the house… Sunny, our cat, did not express a great deal of excitement about living in the tiny house, but he has taken over the place now..

th82 th71 th72 th74 th75 th76 th77 th78 th83A former student stopped by and lent a hand  –  the company was greatly appreciated, and it is so helpful to have another hand on the other end of a long board!   Two sides of the exterior are primed and just about ready for  the finish coat – white on the trim and a light yellow on the siding.

We have been lucky as far as rain goes..  showers were threatening all day, but no rain to impede progress.  Of course the relatives would love some rain – it has been a bit dry, and I am sure that the trees would love a drink!    But, the good news is that the peaches and plums are in 🙂   If anyone is looking for a  north east PA destination for a road trip and likes  peaches –  you are more than welcome – and I will give you a tour of the tiny house!    Peach festival  coming up Saturday the 16th of August…  Heller’s Orchard 84 - peaches