merry go round

thThe past year has been anything but life at 6 miles per hour.   Somehow, we seem to have been sucked even deeper into the whirlwind of work with no time to spend on our bikes or in our kayaks.   We had an interesting conversation with friends last summer.  They had fully invested themselves in the business of growing and selling organic food.  Business was good, but after a few years it dawned on them that the business was all consuming.  In fact, while their customers were grateful for the local food that they were providing, they themselves were not eating all that well.  Exhausted after 12 and 14 hour days,  they were not inclined to fix a healthy meal at the end of the day.

Here we are about 3/4 of the way through my wife’s first year working at the family orchard, and we are finding ourselves living a similar story!  To be sure, she is not working quite the numbers of hours that she did during the fall, but there isn’t a lot of extra time.  We are still living in the tiny house 80 percent of the time.   It is pretty cozy despite the very cold temperatures that we have been experiencing and we are enjoying it, but life is not moving at 6 mph.. so what to do?

I am thinking about  a merry go round – a fixture on school playgrounds back in the sixties and seventies..   and I enjoyed them.   I can picture a group of us sitting on the deck while our teacher pushed us round and round..  and, being the dutiful and well-behaved kid that I was throughout my school years,  I waited till the merry go round came to a complete stop before getting off..  just like our teacher told us to do.    But, at some point, I discovered that it was much more exciting to jump off before it stopped..

I just read another article that was written to persuade us to work late into our sixties before thinking about claiming our social security benefits.. and why is this of any interest to me?  I am just 55..  a long way to go , but then again, maybe not..   the merry go round is still spinning with considerable momentum, but maybe it is time to jump off …