Retirement is a reality!

Janet has been here for two weeks…  she has been learning the ropes..   and I just finished my last faculty meeting  on Tuesday of this week..  left 5 minutes after the meeting was over..  and headed to  NH where I spent the night with my son  – always enjoy seeing him!   The next morning, I stopped by my daughter’s  for breakfast – a wonderful start to the day – both the company and the food!   and then turned east and north to  Mt Desert Island – home for the next 4 months.

It just so happened that I showed up for our days off –  so yesterday we just walked around the campground – did the short nature hike on site  acadia2-trail at campgroundit is a pretty rocky area!

we then went back to our new home..  a 23 foot travel trailer  and sat around the campfire before turning in for a cool, but  very sound sleep.

Today we enjoyed an early breakfast and then planned our day..   a hike in the morning..  the goat trail which leads to the top of Norumbeaga Mountain …   852 feet    a rather steep climb right off the bat

acadia4 goat trail

we climbed the trail..   picked up the Norumbega trail at the top and followed it down to Lower Hadlock Pond.    hiked around the pond and then looked for the  trail that would complete the loop and take us back to the  trailhead where we began..  missed it!   and ended up climbing Norumbega a second time!!  oops..     realized our mistake about a third of the way up.  no sense in turning around at that point..  so we really got our exercise !

came home for lunch and then got our road bikes out and  cycled into Northeast Harbor.. along  Sargent Drive..  what a beautiful day for a ride and what a stunning setting..  the road borders Somes Sound, and there are spectacular views along the way.. but at  15 mph, i was not about to pull out my camera and try to capture the sights..   guess I will have to stop next  time!     I am reminded of the days of summer during my youth..  activities planned from sunrise to sunset..  the only difference is that I had more energy back then 🙂

One more day off and then  my first work day in my new job..  I am looking forward to it..  the physical activity is great, both on the job and  off..   We are truly blessed to  find ourselves in such a beautiful setting..   acadia3lake

2 comments on “Retirement is a reality!

  1. marymaryone says:

    Welcome to Maine. Still planning a house in Phippsburg?

    • lifeat6mph says:

      we are.. one thing at a time, however.. first we have to finish and sell our house in PA.. Hopefully, we will accomplish that within the next year..

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