A week has passed by already!

My wife and I  finished our first 4 day work week together and we are still talking!  🙂   that is a good sign..    Sunday after work we hit the carriage trails on our bikes with some co-workers ..  we did an 11.5 mile loop..   when our friend mentioned that the finish was a long downhill,  the conclusion was that the beginning was a considerable up-hill.    But,  it seems like more “up”  than he described!    As we were riding, I mentioned to my wife that we needed to make a special effort to not take this environment for granted..   what a wonderful resource the carriage trails are..  not to mention the  hiking trials and the views  that are simply stunning …  in one word, Mt Desert is a GEM

Before I left PA to come up and join my wife who had begun work two weeks earlier, my father-in-law told me that he had a conversation with someone in which he stated that  his “daughter and son-in-law were leaving  good teaching jobs at a prestigious school  to go to Maine and clean toilets..”     I smiled and responded.. ” that is right!”     in fact, we are taking pride in how well we are managing the bathrooms at the campground, but there is so much more..   this week we  replaced decks on on two sites,  prepped sites for new visitors, met some interesting campers, cleared brush  and shared in a wonderful lobster dinner with our co-workers and the owners of the campground..     My impression so far is that the situation  is turning out to be just the positive working environment that we anticipated..   and we are looking forward to  meeting lots of interesting folks who will be passing through the next  three months..   happy hiker lower hadlock pond trail

One of the highlights of the week was talking to a father and his two kids from Missouri  who were catching crabs from the floats…   having the time of their life..  just like my kids did at this very spot 18 or so years ago…

dockat campground

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