What do we do with 3 days off??

lupine bar island 2So what is there to do on Mount Desert Island when we have 3 days off ?  Plenty!!  The first day we rode our bikes into Bar Harbor..  walked along the shore path.. then walked over to Bar Island during low tide.. enjoyed our lunch at the top of the trail.. looking over at town… and then  scrambled back before the tide came in a covered the path!   On the way back to the campground, I decided to give the road up to Cadillac Mtn.   I was prepared to turn back before reaching the summit, but I took my time and  ended up reaching the top..  great views..  and a wonderful and somewhat exciting decent..   But, the car in front of me decided that the posted 25 mph speed limit was for real, so  I had to brake a lot more than I was hoping to do 🙂  .. slept very well that night!

the next day we were joined by  friends from New Hampshire on a ride around the loop road.. 18 miles of up and down…. with a few breaks to enjoy the sights.. riding the loop roadwhat a beautiful day for a ride!    slept well that night too 🙂    And the third day,  along with our friends, we hiked the north ridge trail to the top of Cadillac Mtn..    and enjoyed our lunch on the summit..  summit of cadillacwe were pretty beat at the end of three days off!  Getting back to work was  just the thing we needed to slow us down a bit..  but we enjoyed smores each night with our friends who just left this morning..   tomorrow is the beginning of our next three day stretch for fun and adventure..  so far this early retirement thing is working out just fine – I highly recommend it 🙂

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