3 more days off.. let’s go!

kayak on somes sound 2High tide was around 10:30 so we hauled the boats down to the water’s edge and joined our neighbors, Art and Sue,  who led us on a 5 mile journey around the inner part of Some’s Sound..   we spent a little over 2 hours on the water ..  saw lots of pretty boats, 3 seals, and a loon.. talked with one sailor who was cruising aboard his 51 year old wooden ketch along with his wife and cat..  and had a a very pleasant experience..   returned to the campground and washed the boats and then had lunch!       I decided to try out the oven for a second time  ( made cookies already)  and mixed up a chocolate mayonaise cake..   we only had a glass dish so  I dropped the temp a bit and set the timer for 30 minutes..  just enough time for a nap!    we awoke to the sound of the timer and a distinct aroma of burning cake!    Not to worry, though..  we were able to salvage it, and we shared it with our co workers, Jim and Janice later in the evening..    with a full afternoon ahead, we planned  a hike to otter point..  kayak on sommes sound 1

We parked at Sand Beach – early in the season and already the parking lot was full so we had to park on the road..   we headed out on the shore path,  a route which parallels the road for quite a while and then heads out on its own..

otter cliffs we ran into some rock climbers at the cliffs –  I sent a text to my son, asking him to bring his climbing gear when he comes to visit..  I am feeling pretty adventurous these days!

we enjoyed a rest on the cliffs..  this is the view back to sand beach..

sand beach from otter cliffs..

On the way back, we decided to take the Gorham Mt trail .. the summit is only about 525 feet, and Janet had already hiked it once,  so off we went..   along the route we opted to take the Cadillac Cliffs spur..  what a great trail that is!    Here are a few pics…

cadillac cliff trail janetcadillac cliffs 2

the cake sure tasted good after a day full of activity!

Yesterday we started the day with a  bike ride to the summit of Cadillac Mtn..  felt much better this time, and Janet joined me..  we agreed to meet at the summit..  cadillac summit 2nd rideit was a nice, clear morning.. encountered a few other cyclists..  most of whom seemed rather intent on staying on the road.. as they descended..  ( in other words.. they completely ignored my friendly greetings  🙂  )

got back to the campground and had enjoyed nice hot showers and then headed out on a day trip to the Blue Hill area with the ultimate goal of attending a lecture on 3 female photographers from the turn of the last century who documented the Maine way of life..  Along the way we stopped at a market in Blue Hill,  we ate a picnic lunch at  the Wooden Boat School in Brooklin where we befriended a soft grey cat at the docks ( and just missed a launching 😦  )  ..   we spent some time in Castine, home of the Maine Maritime Academy  castine harbor  and talked with the owner of a book shop there.    And then we headed towards Searsport for the lecture, stopping at  Just Barb’s  in Stockton Springs  for a wonderful dinner of fish and chips..

The lecture was by the Maine State Historian, and was very informative..  Janet is excited to return to the museum.. and that is just fine with me!

Today dawned grey with a few sprinkles..   a nice day to kick back and relax and just enjoy being alive 🙂    and maybe working on a project or two!


5 comments on “3 more days off.. let’s go!

  1. marymaryone says:

    Sounds like you are really taking to the retired life. That’s great. I do believe I have hiked that trail up Gorham Mountain. I recognize the overhang that your wife is leaning against. What a great place to begin your new life. Enjoy! So when is the best time to hit Acadia now?

    • lifeat6mph says:

      we are certainly trying to make the best of the time that we have here.. neat that you recognize that part of the trail.. we loved that section.. believe it or not, the park is getting busy already.. the sooner the better.. or wait till September, although we hear that September is busier than May and early june.. if you come up and are comfortable doing so, you would be welcome to stop for a cup of tea.. let us know.. I am sure that I will find time to bake something as well 🙂

      • marymaryone says:

        Every year we have the intention of getting to Acadia and time slips away. Thought we would manage before the crowds came (ha ha). If we do make it up over the summer, we would probably come on Wednesday when my husband has his day off from work. Will let you know.

  2. Oh wow, what a pretty trip!

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