There has to be some sort of trade-off…

I have posted some very favorable thoughts about how we are spending our days off.. but what about work?   Well,  we did find that it rains in Maine..  in fact,  two of the past four days it poured, but that is really not such a big deal.   we are working at what is most certainly the most beautiful campground that we have ever visited, and many of the campers here have made the same claim.   viewofthesound  this is a view from one of the camp sites across from where we are living for the summer.   The typical work day is broken into three segments ..  a project like building a picnic table in the morning ( just mention the word “build”  and I am super excited..)  gets us started.  Then we move on to cleaning sites and getting them prepped for new campers, and finally, after lunch, we tackle the bathrooms – making them clean and inviting.   Usually, by 2:30 the day is over, although sometimes, like today, we spend some additional time finishing up our chores.   Today, happened to be a rainy day, and we were replacing the deck on one of the tent platforms.   It was damp when we began putting the new deck down.  When the job was about half way complete, it began to rain, and soon after, it began to rain in earnest!   I chuckled and remarked to my co-worker ” When I told my students that I was retiring at the end of the school year and moving to Maine to work at a campground, I had no idea that it was going to be this much fun!”    I am not sure if my humor registered with him,  but we got the job done – a warm cup of tea at lunch time and a quick change into dry clothes made all the difference as we tackled the final tasks of the day.  Perhaps the fact that we have the next 3 days off and the weather prediction for those three days is quite nice made the whole experience that much more tolerable.  But, the truth is, we already feel invested in not only the job but also the campground community – what a great place to be at this point in our lives 🙂

One comment on “There has to be some sort of trade-off…

  1. marymaryone says:

    Three days off at a time is really nice! Sounds like you are enjoying your new adventure.

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