a new week… new adventures!

frenchman bay from winter harbor loopWe decided to head off island and take our bikes to  another section of Acadia located on the Schoodic Peninsula – a trip of about 40 minutes.   We stopped in Winter Harbor and did a ten mile loop on our bikes..  the picture is above is taken from the end of Grindstone Neck looking over at the section of Acadia that we would ride later in the day…  While we were in Winter Harbor we stopped at a great little shop that featured  both local crafts as well as the work from folks who are “from away” .. we had a delightful conversation with Roger, who owns the shop along with his wife..   we will definitely make it a point to stop back again when we have some money with us and when we are not on bikes!

We then proceeded to  Frazer Point Picnic area at Adacia where we enjoyed our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, along with a spectacular view, accompanied by a sea gull who was determined that we would leave some morsel behind.. he was rather disappointed, I am afraid..   then back on the bikes for  a 12 mile loop  ..  beautiful roads,  beautiful views..  and  not too crowded..  who could ask for more than that?    At one of the scenic outlooks, we  ran into a family from Hatboro PA  who had a load of bikes on their car.  I asked them why they were not riding, and they pointed out that the bikes were trashed.. on their way north, a bolt on their bike carrier sheared and the bikes fell to the pavement at 60 mph…  that is a sad story, but they did not let it spoil their vacation 🙂

On the way back to the campground we stopped and picked up a quart of local strawberries..  that is a story for the next post!

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