The Bee Hive trail of the coolest hikes at Acadia.. although I am sure that this is a topic for serious debate!

beehive warning signIf you can’t read the sign,  it says “Falls on this mountain have resulted in serious injury and death”..  sounds like our kind of trail!   It also says ” Dogs are Prohibited”   Well, we know of at least one family that totally missed the sign.. and brought their dog..   they were in for a surprise…  but,  I should say from the outset that they survived just fine. and the dog made it as well..  but I am sure that he did not enjoy it one bit!

An earlier post of mine has a pic of Janet and me on this trail during our honeymoon..  I tried to find the exact same spot where that pic was taken, but I was not successful.  Instead,  here we are at the top..the two of us top of beehive

here is a pic of the BeeHive from the parking lot at sand beach..

beehive from sand beach parking lot

My kids did this hike when they were small, and they have fond memories of the experience..  when I told my step daughters about the hike, the older got very excited.. the younger got very nervous.  In time, they had the opportunity to hike it with us, and both agreed to come along, the younger with some reservations..  but  now she looks back on it with fond memories as well!

Here are some pics of Janet making her way to the top…

janet on beehive 2

janet on beehive 1

and here is Sand Beach from the top..

sand beach from beehive

we enjoyed some gorp and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at the top and then descended down the back of the mountain, using the bowl trail, a much easier way down than trying to retrace our steps!

One would think that would be enough excitement for one day, but no…  in fact, we were using the  Island Explorer Bus for the first time..  after the climb, we  boarded the bus and ended up back in Bar Harbor where we did a minimal food shopping before heading back to the campground on the #7 Southwest Harbor bus..  imagine that.. the bus is free, and it stops right at the campground office!

I spent the rest of  the afternoon baking a shortcake and preparing the strawberries that we picked up the previous day..  we invited our neighbors and co-workers for desert..  Before we knew it, the four of us had devoured the cake..   we enjoyed the evening in front of the fire as Art and Sue told stories about their earlier years..  shortcake at the campthe local strawberries were worth every penny!   LIfe is good here at Mt Desert Campground 🙂

9 comments on “The Bee Hive trail of the coolest hikes at Acadia.. although I am sure that this is a topic for serious debate!

  1. marymaryone says:

    I don’t know, that hike looks terrifying! My youngest daughter did it last week (but of course she rock climbs as well). She came back and told me that I would not have liked it. Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. lifeat6mph says:

    Well, there are plenty of alternatives that are beautiful and worthwhile without the danger factor of the bee hive 🙂 how are you with a little bit of scrambling? We just talked with a co-worker who did Sargent and Penobscot with has family today.. he recommended it highly.. starts and ends at the Jordan Pond House.. so your youngest daughter is a climber.. that is cool.. my son guides in the white mountains.. does she do any climbing over there? here is his page..

    maybe they know each other.. it is a pretty tight community 🙂

  3. Rusty says:

    Hey Jason, nice pictures. It was great to hang out with Celeste, Matt, Janet, and you at Mt Desert CG. We really loved the camp ground and loved the fireside conversations. Like any fun vacation, we wish we could have stayed longer! – Rusty

    • lifeat6mph says:

      We so enjoyed the time around the campfire! it was nice meeting you guys.. your kids are awesome! enjoy the rest of your trip – safe travels… and come back next year for a longer stay!

  4. We just got to Mt. desert and I’ve been dying to try this trail but I am too scared! I think I’m just going to stick with good ole Sand Beach.

  5. Inger says:

    Now that looks pretty awesome! 🙂

    • lifeat6mph says:

      it is a totally cool hike, but on the 15th of august the Precipice trail will re-open ( closed from the spring till now due to nesting falcons) it is about twice as high as the beehive .. can’t wait to tackle that one! And, in the meantime, we continue to discover wonderful trails all over the island…

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