Getting behind!

We just started our next 3 day hiatus, and I have yet to post on last week, and already it is becoming a blur… on Wednesday we decided to  take the Island Explorer into Southwest Harbor to explore..   what a wonderful gift to have free bus service around the island.. and it picks us up right at the campground 🙂   On the bus we met a nice couple from Delaware ( formally from Bucks County  where I grew up in PA) .. we got off the bus and they continued out to Bernard..    Our first discovery was a stand outside someone’s house where we bought lettuce and  cinnamon bread 🙂    we found so many lovely properties..  adorned with flowers..  flowers southwest harborhope these guys don’t mind their house on my blog!     next a little backyard tiny house..  these are near and dear to our heart, having lived in one most of last year!

tiny house southwest harbor  we  headed into town  and checked out some of the stores and then found some  chairs on the sidewalk where we enjoyed our packed lunch, while watching folks walk by..  Janet commented on the West Chester  t shirt that one girl was wearing and that precipitated a conversation..  it turns out that the family was  from Bucks County and that the  parents had lived in Quakertown when they first were married.. just around the corner from my childhood home…  so many connections!

We caught the bus just before some rain showers hit.. a few stops later the first couple that we had met re-boarded the bus, and we enjoyed their company all the way back to the campground…   Although I can’t remember exact details of the evening, chances are strongly in favor that they included a camp fire and smores 🙂

Thursday we decided to travel to Phippsburg to  scope out our land and to talk to the code enforcement officer..  we stopped in Belfast along the way.. what a pretty town..  at the docks a noticed a flicka tied to the dock .. I started talking to the owners and lent a hand as they were rigging their outboard..  it turns out that they also own a compac 23  .. just like our own..   I left them my phone number and offered to serve as crew if they ever needed an extra hand..  this is probably the smallest blue water capable boat  available..  i love it!  flicka Belfast

after the stop in Belfast we drove to Bath where we visited the bank before heading down to  the Phippsburg town office where we chatted with the code enforcement officer..   every interaction that I have had with the town office has been pleasant and welcoming..  I think that it will be a lot of fun working with him once we get started on the house project..  but that is at least a year off..   in the short term, we hope to get some clearing done on the land..  I think that my son and I can handle most of it, but we did meet with a neighbor who has the equipment to  pull the stumps after we do our thing..   perhaps one of the highlights was stopping at 5 Islands Lobster Company for dinner..   view from pier at 5 islands the view is incredible, and the fish and chips were great.. we met a couple there and shared some conversation..  she is an accomplished vocalist so she and Janet had a lot to chat about..   on the way out to the lobster company , we stopped at 5 Islands Farm Stand  janet at five islands market

it was a late night by the time we arrived back at the campground, but it certainly was a productive day!

Friday was made for exercise…  we headed out for what I called the great circle route on the carriage trails..  covered about  22 miles in all..  we started at  Eagle lake and rode to Aunt Betty’s pond.. then  on to  Upper Hadlock pond where we stopped for a short hike.. janet on carriage trail bridge  and a photo opportunity 🙂    then on to Jordon Pond where we enjoyed our picnic lunch…bubble - jordan pondand then over to Day Mountain where we enjoyed the view from the top..  and really enjoyed the ride down the mountain!   view from day mountain

on our way back towards bubble pond, Janet saw a deer..  I was looking off into the woods to spot it, but it was right next to her!   It turned out to be a rather tame deer, and she allowed us to watch as she sauntered across the road in front of us and began munching fresh greens along the side of the path..  she was in no special hurry…deer on carriage trail

During our ride, we found out that a close friend and co-worker and her dad were going to be spending a few nights in Southwest Harbor 🙂    We ended up connecting with them for the fireworks on the 4th,  and they joined us for dinner on the evening of the 5th..  we took them for a walk down to the floats..  the tide was out, so there was lots to see, and the kids were having a blast  catching crabs…   some adults were too 🙂   kids crabbing on the dock

Amidst all of this activity, perhaps one of the most special moments that we enjoyed was an impromptu campfire that we ended up having when the folks camping next to us came over to chat..  before we knew it,  their kids were there..  our co workers and their kids stopped by,  the campground owner showed up..   and fantasies of all fantasies.. we had smores for dinner!   With all of the beauty that Acadia has to offer,  and all of the options for adventures..  we have been reminded over and over this week that the most important opportunity that this move in our life has created is the gift to connect with interesting folks from all over…

and that brought another week on Mount Desert Island to a close..    time is flying by..  work is great.. playtime is even better … life is good..

4 comments on “Getting behind!

  1. I grew up in dauphin county 🙂 and we’re vacationing in Maine right now. Right on bar harbor!

  2. Andrea says:

    Hi! I found your blog while doing some research for our upcoming trip to Acadia – we will be staying at Mount Desert Campground. I’ll be there with my family in less than 2 weeks! Hope you don’t think I’m invading your privacy, but I just wanted to say that I’ve enjoyed reading about all your adventures in Acadia and around Mt. Desert Island, and picked up a few tips and ideas for when we’re there. I’m also inspired by your story – and early retirement. What a wonderful way to spend a summer! Perhaps we’ll run into you when we are there!

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