tools of the trade

tools of the tradeour job at mount desert campground has lots of benefits..   first of all – we get to live in a beautiful part of the world from May till mid October… folks are driving 15 hours and more to come here to visit.. and we get to call it home for almost half of the year!    a close second is that we get to drive a golf cart 🙂  ok.. maybe a very distant second..  but it is handy to have the cart to carry the tools we need on a daily basis..  shovels and rakes and barrels for cleaning camp sites in the morning,  and cleaning supplies, brooms and paper supplies for cleaning the bathrooms in the early afternoon..  and yes, that is a plunger..  for whenever it happens to be needed..  even in a nearly perfect world, toilets get clogged!

A co-worker recently blogged about the joy of instant gratification as it relates to our jobs..  in essence, she said that when we see something that is broken, we collect the appropriate tools, and a short time later we leave with the issue fixed..   we happen to be living in a community where we make a difference every day..  turning dirty bathrooms into sparkling clean ones..  fixing tent platforms, offering advice on where to go for dinner , what trail is most appropriate, where to kayak..   and lots of smiles and thank-yous…  not to mention a boss who appreciates every thing we do..

When the work day is over.. we get to play..  on Saturday we joined our colleagues, Art and Sue for a paddle on the sound..  as we were headed back to the campground, I spotted a flock of gulls circling over some commotion on the water..  we headed towards them and soon determined that a group of seals were feeding on the surface..   it was amazing to watch as they passed by our position..  two of the seals when right under Art’s boat.  jason on the soundit sure is a luxury to be able to walk down to the water with our kayaks and be afloat in a matter of minutes..    last year at this time, I was writing about building the tiny house and our anticipation of working at the orchard…  who would have imagined that life would bring us here in such a short time.. no complaints 🙂

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