The weather has been beautiful!

bald mt summit

well, we did have some rain this week, but just enough to settle the dust on the roads in the campground… nothing wrong with that!    It has been a different kind of week, because my wife left  Sunday afternoon to meet up with her daughter for a college orientation.. and then on down to PA  to drop her daughter off and visit with her parents..  she is now headed back to Maine and quite anxious to get here!   So what does a lonely husband do in Maine?   well it took me a little longer to complete our job on Monday and Tuesday without my helpmate, but the cat and I have fared pretty well overall.

I finished a book on the Lusitania – “Dead Wake” by Erik Larson..  that was pretty awesome.. the cat spent some time sitting outside with me as I read…    On Wed. I was invited to a lovely dinner with  my neighbors and co-workers, Art and Sue –  a nice campfire followed by  scallops  and water melon salad and  fresh scones for desert..  served in the ambience of an airstream trailer!   that was a special treat..

Yesterday  I  spent the morning in the shop working on some projects  and then continued to read a second book that I recently started about  the story of the western movement through the eyes of women as revealed in their diaries..   fascinating book.. not sure it makes us guys look too good.  If I came home to my wife when she was 4 months pregnant and said ” honey, we are going to pack everything up into a wagon and commence a harrowing  trip  through  Indian territory and the desert and the highest mountains you ever saw.. which we might not survive – get ready we leave next month..”    she might simply respond.. ” no we aren’t” .. but 150 years ago, I guess that just was not an option for a wife..    it has been a fascinating and instructive read..

Last night I joined some co-workers Art, Sue and Cort,  and we went to a lecture at the Claremont  Hotel in Southwest Harbor..  the speaker was  Bill Yeo,  who related through story , pictures , and video,  his attempt, along with a friend, to do an unsupported hike up Mt Everest..   what an interesting evening that turned out to be..   we all left thinking, ” who in their right mind would want to climb mt everest?”     It turns out that Bill did not  quite reach the summit, but his friend did..  and looked terribly beat up by the experience!    We hope to attend more of the lecture series sponsored by the hotel.. what a neat tradition..  they also have concerts there.. just might make it to one of those as well..

we were so inspired by the lecture that this morning Cort and I  did a hike 🙂   Bald mountain and Parkman mountain  bald mt 3  this is the first photo that I took on the way up Bald Mt.   looking off toward the islands.. bald mt 2lots of blueberries on the way up..  most will be ready for picking in the next few weeks.. but we will have to time it well.. this is a rather popular trail…

bald mt 1  view from the top..    I can’t identify all of the islands yet, but i am working on it!

bald mt blueberries this is a great hike..   nice loop..   good parking at the trail head.  but get there early.. at 8 am when we left, there were plenty of spots..   by the time we got back,  it was pretty crowded..

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