Getting caught up!

The past week has been filled with activity..  lots of these in the evenings..         20150717_203713we have  had more than our fair share of SMORES , and we are just a little past the middle of the summer!    Last week our co workers took us to the Abbey Rockefeller Gardens.. what a treat that was!  the follow pics represent a feeble attempt to capture the experience …

20150723_114326 20150723_110818 20150723_110826 20150723_110836

In addition to the routine chores during the work week, I got to build new doors for one of our bathroom buildings at the camp .. it is always fun to open the tool bag! We continue to meet interesting folks through our work at the campground..

Yesterday we started off the day with a visit to the gathering place where we eased into our first day off with a second cup of tea and a bagel..  then back to our site where we took some time to reorganize  our site.. I worked outside…  and janet inside..   I washed RV  and tidied up a bit.. then we did a trial run of baking little blueberry tarts which we plan on taking to a staff gathering later this evening..  we made six.. and there are none left 🙂   20150729_105212Janet has had a wonderful time picking the berries at various spots around the campground..   all of which are top secret!

The highlight of the day was meeting fellow blogger Mary and her husband who happened to be hiking in the area..  in the cool of the morning, meeting for tea sounded like a great idea.. in the reality of the afternoon, lemonade made a lot more sense!   After a delightful chat, we headed towards the ladder trail which took us to the top of Dorr Mt.   This trail represents a huge effort on the part of the folks who built it and who continue to maintain it..  There are 1200 plus stone steps in addition to other cool sections on the hike..  20150729_161140like the ladders for which it is named!   Along the way, Janet was hugely distracted by the abundant ripe blueberries… 20150729_173707we saved the gorp that we brought along as a reward for making it to the top.. 20150729_171847 we then followed the south ridge trail and hooked up with the Canyon Trail which led us back to our car..   then home for nice warm showers and  a dinner of corn on the cob, hot dogs, and salad..   and the last of the blue berry tarts..   time to head back to the kitchen to bake some more!

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