The 10th of August already??

giants slide trail 2 giants slide trail view from sargents mt beechcroft trail cool cloud from sargent mt view from beechcroft trail the tarn ( from champlain mt) beechcroft trail ( champlain mt) gathering place set for Sylvia gilmore peak view from sargents mtn 2 door mtn from beechcroft trail sunny wants smores this is Sunny ,  our cat..  you can see that  he has really gotten into this camping thing.. he wants to know when we are going to make Smores again..  the answer is  tonight 🙂    The truth is, we are all wondering how it is that summer is passing us by so quickly.   But we are so spoiled!   We just talked to a couple who drove 1500 miles from Wisconsin.   They arrived this afternoon ( Monday)  and only have till Thursday  before they need to head back home.  So many things to explore with such a small window of opportunity…

So much has happened over the past week.. and we have met so many interesting people.. this is the best part of this job!  I am at the gathering place where we often visit in the morning before work begins or before we head out on one adventure or another..  gathering place   in addition to being a cool place to simply hang out, it is especially popular in the morning when coffee, tea and wonderful baked goods are available..  and in the evening when ice cream is on everyone’s minds..

we packed out days off last week with all kinds of activity..  the first trail that we tackled was  Beechcroft  which enabled us to reach the summit of Champlain Mt.    It is a great trail right by the nature center.. just a little bit of scrambling at the top.. the view is totally worth it..   the tarn ( from champlain mt)  this is looking back after the beginning of the ascent..   The Tarn is pictured , at the base of Dorr mt.

beechcroft trail ( champlain mt)looking up the trail..  lots of steps ..

view from beechcroft trailgetting closer to the top!

cool cloud from sargent mta very cool cloud from the top of the mountain..  we enjoyed our lunch on the summit and then  we took the south ridge trail down to the basin ( back side of the beehive)  and then to Sand Beach where we picked up the bus which took us back to the visitor center.. from there we jumped on the bus that took us to the village green and then hopped on the southwest harbor bus which brought us right back to the campground..   quite the adventure!

Thursday was a cycling day.. but a rather special one.   I got a call from Bill Thomas,  a pen pal whom we met once at the Maine Boat Builder’s show a couple of years ago..  he was in the area and wondered about riding the park loop road..  we met at the Visitor Center.  Janet opted for a ride on the carriage trails and Bill and I set out on the loop road, fully aware that it was going to be quite busy..    and it was, the section from the entrance station through Otter Point was packed…  so we were riding slowly along when Bill spied a VW camper bus with a special awning .. we stopped and struck up a conversation.. Bill talked to the dad about the awning while I talked with the mom and kids about camping and baking and all sorts of cool stuff..  after about 20 min. and a few up close pics of the awning,  we bid them farewell and continued on our trek..   we stopped for lunch along the way..  enjoyed lots of conversation..   it was a social ride, neither of us was interested in pushing too hard..  Bill brought me back to the campground and the three of us sat at the picnic table and chatted for a while before he had to head back to Brooklyn where his wife was teaching a class at Wooden Boat.. Bill is a boat builder and also teaches classes there..

boathouse claremont hotel we had enough energy Thursday evening to go the the  weekly lecture at the Claremont Hotel in Southwest Harbor..   this is the boat house which is situated behind the hotel.. a grand structure from the late 1800’s… the title of the lecture was ” An informal History of the Photography of Mount Desert Island ”  by Earl Shettleworth.. the same historian whom we heard at  the Maritime Museum in Searsport earlier this summer..    totally interesting!

Friday..  we hit the  Giants Slide trail..   the closest trail head to the campground.. giants slide trail 2 it is slightly deceiving because the first part of the tail is rather flat  ..  pretty, but  not too physically challenging..  and then we hit the ravine..  wow..  lots of scrambling..  and some problem solving..

giants slide trail a very cool trail which we highly recommend..   it leads to the summit on Sargent Mt.. view from sargents mtwith great views!

from Sargent Mt. we followed the Grand Gent trail to Glimoregilmore peak and then headed back to the Giants Slide which brought us back to our car..   we met two families with young kids who happened to be staying at the campground..  they were loving the experience..

Friday night we went to the play “Sylvia”  at the Acadia Repertory Theater.. just around the corner in Somesville..   it was a funny play about a middle aged  guy who brings a stray dog home..  the dog becomes an issue between the fellow and his wife..   lots of laughs.. and well done..   I asked if it was ok to take a pic of the set, and found that the stage manager attended high school at Wyoming Area HS.. just up route 11 from where I used to teach!    set for SylviaSaturday found us back at work at the camp.. over 100 sites needed to be cleaned.. one of the busiest days of the summer..  thankfully, there were 3 couples on duty!    After work we cleaned ourselves up  and headed into Bar Harbor..   we treated ourselves to dinner..  and then went to the art show where the folks camping in the site next to ours were displaying their work..  we admired their talent and chatted for a while and then headed to the main event for the night..  a performance of   Mozart’s  Solemn Vespers and Requiem..  we had intended to participate in this concert  but soon realized after arriving in June that we did not want to be tied down with 3 hour rehearsals..   We ended up bowing out before they even began and donated our registration fees to the cause.. in return, we got two very good tickets for the concert..  2nd row.. right in front of the soloists!    It was a wonderful evening..  so well done..  inspiring..

Yesterday we had dinner with our neighbors and co-workers..   interrupted briefly by a maintenance call which Art and I handled..  finished up with vanilla ice cream topped with Art’s blue berry sauce..    It was a beautiful day to work today..   and now just once more day before out next three day adventure ..    life is good in Maine 🙂


4 comments on “The 10th of August already??

  1. Heather and I were talking about our time in Maine just yesterday. It was way tooff sport. I do love the pictures and miss the perfect temperatures.

    • lifeat6mph says:

      Hi Rusty, great to hear from you.. I hope that your summer has been filled with fun adventures in addition to your trip to Maine. We continue to meet interesting folks as the weeks go by.. thanks for keeping in touch! jt

  2. marymaryone says:

    Sounds like you are making the most of your stay in Acadia 🙂

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