The best thing about living on Mt Desert Island

It is pretty difficult to figure out what the best part of spending 5 months of the year on Mt Desert Island.. but  a recent visit from my daughter and ex-wife made it crystal clear..  sharing it with others!    Although they had to schedule the visit during our work days,  we still had a wonderful time sharing the island with them…  The weather was somewhat iffy… but the rain held off for the most part..   One of the highlights was taking them to Thuya Gardens and discovering yet another Gem  right in our back yard.  We would have loved for them to stay longer – especially because we awoke to beautiful blue skies this morning, but it was lovely to share the time we had..   If you happen to visit MDI, be sure to put Thuya Gardens on your lists of things to do!

garden cottage TGthis is a small cottage behind the house at the garden.. marked STAFF ONLY.. but I could not help peeking inside 🙂

various shots of the gardens…

TG 7 TG 6 TG 5 TG 1

a statue of a deer sipping water from the brook..

TG 2a caterpillar in the butterfly garden…TG catapillar

Dad and daughter building a fire together  🙂

building a fire with alison    we can’t take moments like this for granted..   when I was Alison’s age, we had no idea that  my dad had only a few months left with us…

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