St Sauveur and Flying mt

We awoke to a sunny morning on Thursday..  the first in quite a while!  It was a perfect day for a hike so we packed our lunch and set out for the quiet side of the island… our destination  was a loop including St Sauveur and Flying mt… not a great deal of elevation, but some beautiful views and some great trails…

valley peak the first summit we hit was  Valley Peak…  followed by  St Sauveur

flying mt peakand

finally,  Flying Mt..   and in between..  all of this

cove looking back from flying mtthe cove looking back from Flying mt

cruising somes soundcruising somes sound  from  Flying mtmouth of sommes sound from flying mtthe mouth of Somes Sound  with the Cranberry Islands beyondpath along cove at base of st saveurthe trail along the cove… totally awesome!

cove at base of st saveurbeach along the covesomes sound from st saveur 2looking back towards the head of the soundlichen along decent from st saveurlichen along the trail

it was quite a nice hike..   we would highly recommend it!

we got home and showered and then I put on my best jeans and my good fleece, and we picked up a fellow camper and went to the Claremont Hotel for a lecture and performance on Bell Canto  Opera ..   I might have been slightly under dressed, but no matter..  it was a delightful evening, even for a guy who is not exactly a fan of opera..   another full day on mt desert island 🙂

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