September already?

It is just beginning to dawn on me that we are really beginning to run out of time..  With just a little over 4 weeks left before the 2015 season draws to an end,  there is not a lot of time left to do everything that I would like to accomplish.  And, it has been a while since my last post.. so here goes!

Our most recent hike took place yesterday.. we headed over to the quiet side of the island to hike the perpendicular trail..  a highly recommended option according to our employer, Owen..   and we agree!  perpendicular trail 1 the trail head is at the south end of long pond..  and we happened to be there on a beautiful afternoon.   perpendicular trail 2The trail reminds one of an outdoor stair master..perpendicular trail 6  as with all of the trails on the island, this one represents a monumental effort on the part of folks in the past, and we are reaping the benefit of their labor.. perpendicular trail 5Although there is no view area at the summit,  there are spots along the way up which afford some great vistas..   perpendicular trail 4 and the trail itself is quite spectacular…   Just below the summit there is an open area which would be a great place for lunch the next time we hike this trail   perpendicular trail 3 this is  the south end of long pond in the foreground with the entrance to Somes Sound and the cranberry islands in the distance..perpendicular trail summitwe made it!!   From the top we continued on the mansel mt trail till it connected with the cold brook trail which brought us back to the lake..    what a way to take advantage of a beautiful early fall afternoon!

In other news..  here is a pic from our camping trip on Hermit Island…hermit island campground

some special time with our cat Sunny at our campsite.. some time with sunny

sailboats on Somes Sound from Suminsby Park where I wrote the last group of college recommendations that were duesomes sound from Suminsby Park

We stopped at The College of the Atlantic recently to visit their natural history museum.. Unfortunately, the museum was closed, but we took the opportunity to walk around the campus.   We were greeted by a small herd of deer as we entered the campus..  I hope that they eat a lot between now and winter.. they look a little skinny!  col2  this is a garden that is located on the campus..  col 1

the garden is located behind this building which is used for classrooms and offices..   it is the former summer home that happened to escape the great bar harbor fire … and it is quite impressive inside!

col turrets    We got back on our road bikes and did an 18 mile loop  out to Bartlett’s landing and back into Somesville..   it felt good to get back on the road, although it is a bit tight coming through Somesville, even with the reduced traffic flow.  And now we are back at work.  Things have quieted down significantly, but we are still meeting new folks.. and enjoying life to the fullest..


3 comments on “September already?

  1. Looks beautiful! So great that you pointed out the hard work that goes into making an incredible trail like that — we see hikers all the time who clearly don’t appreciate how much work it takes to build and maintain trails, especially those with big stair steps or switchbacks!

    • lifeat6mph says:

      thanks guys.. and this is just one trail.. the ladder trail is known for its ladders, but it also has 1200 steps .. someone lugged an awful lot of rock around to make that happen.. tomorrow a friend and I are going to do the Precipice trail. it will be my first time.. can’t wait.. i will post pics soon…

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