Fall is in the air

The past week included a whirlwind three day  trip to visit friends in mid-coast maine,  my daughter and son in NH,  a dear friend whose health is failing – also in NH, and my step daughter in Providence RI ..   and then back here to the campground for work saturday morning..    On Sunday evening we were treated to a wonderful Italian night  by our employers..    and today we finished the last or our current 4 day work stint..    stay tuned for the next three days events!     Here are some pics – in reverse order..

These shots were taken from the dock at the site or our Italian dinner..  we met here earlier in the summer for dinner, but the fog had us socked in.. what a splendid view that we enjoyed this time around:)shore from nicki's dock view from nicki's dock

These shots were taken  at Prescott Park in Portsmouth NH.. the park is popular for lots of different reasons, but we particularly enjoy the gardens..  always so nicely maintained!  prescott park gardens 1 prescott park gardens 2 prescott park gardens 3

We stopped and visited Norma – famous for running the gathering place  at the campground which is the hot bed of activity during July and August.boating at owl's head she and her husband treated us to a boat ride around Owl’s Head – including a wonderful picnic lunch  while we enjoyed the water and the crystal clear view..

one of the highlights of last week was my first hike on the Precipice Trail..   we hiked with new friends from the campground who happen to live in the general region of PA that we call home..  on Kreg and I went up the Precipice while Janet and Martha  hiked up the north ridge trail in order to meet us on the top of Champlain mt.   After meeting at the top, we enjoyed some snacks and then followed janet on what she thought was a descent of the north ridge trail..  a great plan since that is where the ladies parked… but it was not the north ridge trail… it was the Beechcroft trail  which did not lead to the cars.. in fact, the car was a mile and a half away from where we ended up..  but no matter..  we had a nice walk back..  passed the beaver pond  where the beaver spent many minutes directly in front of us..beaver pond  acadia

views from our descent of beechcroft..    descending champlain mt looking back at champlain summit view from champlain descent

summit of champlain

champlain summit after first precipice hike views from the precipice trail..    first precipice hike 1 first precipice hike 2 first precipice hike 3 first precipice hike 4

the warning which greets one and all who decide to venture on the precipice trail…first precipice hike 5

And here is a nice view of the dock at the campground..  in quieter times..    in fact, we were pretty full till the end of this past weekend..   lots of cleanup on sunday..  but this week we actually have some water front sites open ..   it is quiet!

floats - end of summer


2 comments on “Fall is in the air

  1. marymaryone says:

    Somehow I have a problem with a notice near a trailhead that warns of “death”. Glad you had a good time, think I’ll pass. Was wondering where the trail goes after your friend made it to the top of the stairs. Looks like it ends there 🙂

    • lifeat6mph says:

      not as scary as it sounds.. but it certainly is a bit challenging.. at the bottom there is a granite face known as the “eliminator” if you can make it over that, you are in great shape for the rest of the trail.. the trail ends at the summit of champlain mt.. there are some other great trails that lead to the summit… not quite as exciting, but very nice just the same!

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