Back in PA!

We had just barely made it back to PA when our first guests showed up..  a co-worker from the campground and her sister and King, the dog,  were passing through, and we encouraged them to spend the night with us.. so they did!   you can see that it took King no time to get comfortable in his new surroundings…king feeling at home in bear creek

Before continuing their trip south, they stopped by the orchard where the annual festival was taking place.. King stayed in the tiny house while the girls explored the festivalnikki and rachel at tiny house

We lent a hand at the festival and for a few days afterward..   we made cider and picked apples..   we were blessed with weather that was almost too hot!  making cider 1 making cider 2by the end of the day we had pressed close to 600 gallons of cider…

Then we decided that it was time to get serious about a job for the upcoming months..  we saw a listing for a warehouse in our area.. made a call and went for an interview..   it was not really an interview –  no one actually asked us many questions.. instead, we sat behind computers and filled in forms and took a psychological test  which we apparently, passed.. because next we were invited to take a drug test..  passed that too.. and now we have a job 🙂

Thursday morning we met a former colleague for breakfast..  and then stopped by school to pay the last bill for my step daughter who graduated in June..  chatted with the Dean for a few moments..  and then took off before we ran into the crowds associated with a class change..

Friday evening we returned to school to see a performance by the fine arts department  –  the kids did a wonderful job, and it was fun to see so many of them participating.   it was also enjoyable to connect with a few more colleagues from the past 15 years..   we will not wear out our welcome at school, but it felt good to be back on campus ..

Today we ventured over to the Bear Creek Preserve and decided to explore a trail that was new to us..  the grey trail which parallels Shades Creek..  what a spectacular trail.   often it leads right through tunnels of rhododendron … this must be an awesome experience during the bloom..  I should probably edit the number of pics.. but maybe I will just go overboard and post them all  🙂oct 25 hike 2 oct 25 hike 1 oct 25 hike 3 oct 25 hike 4 oct 25 hike 5 oct 25 hike 6 oct 25 hike 7 oct 25 hike 8 oct 25 hike 9   we are looking forward to  following this trail a bit further  next time…

Tomorrow evening is our orientation for the new job , and we start next Sunday..  between now and then, we have chores to attend to here at the house..    and the  big event of the week is a community campfire down in the lehigh valley at some friends whom we met at the campground this past season..    it should be a full and productive week  🙂

Mt Desert Campground – Season Finale

The final weeks at the camp flew by.. our time was filled with  re-decking tent platforms,  cleaning sites for the last time,  and attending staff gatherings.   Before we knew it, we were finished, and the campground sign came down, and we closed up our camper for the winter.   And now we are back in PA..  enjoying the last of the fall foliage and getting ready for winter.

Here are some final pics from the season.  We are already eagerly anticipating heading north in May, but until then,  I am sure that we will find something productive to do!

scene from final bike ride on the loop road  2015this is a scene from our last bike ride around the park loop which we did on a clear day in late September.

janet near top of the precipiceThis is Janet nearing the top of the Precipice Trail.   We did the hike with a group of co-workers  in September

sailboat from little moose island littlel moose island 1 little moose island 2These three photos were taking during a hike on Little Moose Island which is accessible only at low tide.  It is located in the Schoodic Peninsula area of Acadia National Parkmornng view as we were cleaning sites 3 morning view as we were cleaning sites morning view as we were cleaning sites 2These three pics were taken from different camp sites at Mt Desert Campground during morning hours..   I paused while we were cleaning the sites  to take the pics..   campsite at sunsetThis is site B-8   taken at sunset..   this site is located directly across from ours  which is B-18   ..   if you happen to read this and end up camping with us next year, be sure to stop and say hello!

bald eagle in a very small tree at floatsThis is a pic of an eagle , perched in a tree that appears way too small for him!   This was taken across from the floats where we happened to be cleaning the boats one morning..   Nikki destroying a deckour co-working Nikki, joined us  as we were replacing the top of one of our tent platforms…

Janet and I took a trip to St Andrew’s  NB  during our final week in Maine.   It was supposed to be a day trip, but we happened upon a cute B and B  –  Sea Haven  –  and we decided to stay!   this is a view from our  room…view from Sea Haven B and B   St  Andrew's  NB  the following three pics are of the sunset that we enjoyed during an evening stroll…sunset  St Andrew's  NB sunset St Andrews  2 sunset St Andrews 3

snake slowly eating toadThis is one very unfortunate toad..  he is  slowing becoming a meal for the snake that has his leg in his mouth..   a camper at the campground happened to point this out to us…

view from gorham mtwe did a hike on Gorham Mt with Donna, one of the owners of the campground..  this is a view looking towards  Dorr Mt and Cadillac Mt.

janet and donna  summit of Gorham mtJanet and Donna at the summit of Gorham mtview from Gorham mt  - hike with donnalooking towards  otter cliffs from Gorham mt

empyt parking spots at sand beach.. fall is here!an unusual sight..  open parking spaces at  Sand Beach!   you know that it is  fall when you see this 🙂

fall morning at the floatsone of the last pics from the floats before we started taking them in…

taking out the floats 2 taking out the floatstaking in the floats..   c building in the fallthe C bathroom building as we were shutting off the water..

no sooner did we return from Maine than our co-worker Nikki, her sister Rachul, and King the dog stopped by for a visit as they were heading south..   King looks very comfortable in our Bear Creek house, don’t you think?   They also stopped by the Apple Festival at the orchard..  King spent some time hanging out  in the tiny house..

king feeling at home in bear creek nikki and rachel at tiny house

and this closes the chapter on the 2015 season at Mt Desert Campground..   Workamping turned out to be a wonderful experience in so many ways..  we made new friends,  we  spent loads of time in the outdoors,  we explored Acadia ,   we ate lots of wonderful food,  and we can’t wait to head back in May…