Back in PA!

We had just barely made it back to PA when our first guests showed up..  a co-worker from the campground and her sister and King, the dog,  were passing through, and we encouraged them to spend the night with us.. so they did!   you can see that it took King no time to get comfortable in his new surroundings…king feeling at home in bear creek

Before continuing their trip south, they stopped by the orchard where the annual festival was taking place.. King stayed in the tiny house while the girls explored the festivalnikki and rachel at tiny house

We lent a hand at the festival and for a few days afterward..   we made cider and picked apples..   we were blessed with weather that was almost too hot!  making cider 1 making cider 2by the end of the day we had pressed close to 600 gallons of cider…

Then we decided that it was time to get serious about a job for the upcoming months..  we saw a listing for a warehouse in our area.. made a call and went for an interview..   it was not really an interview –  no one actually asked us many questions.. instead, we sat behind computers and filled in forms and took a psychological test  which we apparently, passed.. because next we were invited to take a drug test..  passed that too.. and now we have a job 🙂

Thursday morning we met a former colleague for breakfast..  and then stopped by school to pay the last bill for my step daughter who graduated in June..  chatted with the Dean for a few moments..  and then took off before we ran into the crowds associated with a class change..

Friday evening we returned to school to see a performance by the fine arts department  –  the kids did a wonderful job, and it was fun to see so many of them participating.   it was also enjoyable to connect with a few more colleagues from the past 15 years..   we will not wear out our welcome at school, but it felt good to be back on campus ..

Today we ventured over to the Bear Creek Preserve and decided to explore a trail that was new to us..  the grey trail which parallels Shades Creek..  what a spectacular trail.   often it leads right through tunnels of rhododendron … this must be an awesome experience during the bloom..  I should probably edit the number of pics.. but maybe I will just go overboard and post them all  🙂oct 25 hike 2 oct 25 hike 1 oct 25 hike 3 oct 25 hike 4 oct 25 hike 5 oct 25 hike 6 oct 25 hike 7 oct 25 hike 8 oct 25 hike 9   we are looking forward to  following this trail a bit further  next time…

Tomorrow evening is our orientation for the new job , and we start next Sunday..  between now and then, we have chores to attend to here at the house..    and the  big event of the week is a community campfire down in the lehigh valley at some friends whom we met at the campground this past season..    it should be a full and productive week  🙂

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