Where have we been the last 4 months?

house fall 2015 and the answer is..   loving life in our  little house in Bear Creek!  kitchen window viewwe were treated to some beautiful fall scenery before the leaves all fell.      Of course, there is much more to it than that.    Not long after returning to PA  from Maine where we spent a wonderful summer camping season, we took jobs at a local Amazon warehouse  –  that has proven to be an interesting experience, to say the least.   We started working there in the beginning of November, and we watched as the number of temporary employees swelled throughout the month as we geared up for the peak season.    We learned about what it is like to work in a warehouse,  and we shared our story and learned the stories of many of our co-workers.    We learned that working 10 hour shifts can be rather taxing!   But we love having 3 days off in a row 🙂    and we truly have enjoyed spending time at home.

One of our goals was to  complete projects around the house.    We have stained the bedroom doors,  finished trim and  installed baseboards, refinished the coffee table that came from my parents’ home, and started to build kitchen cabinets.    The problem with building one cabinet is the inevitable question – “when are the rest going to be finished?”

kitchen cabinet

we have also taken the opportunity to  invite friends to dinner ..  my best discovery was a new apple pie recipe..  wow..  we have shared apple pie with just about everyone who has come to dinner, and we are not the least bit tired of it…

And now, we are beginning to look forward to returning to the campground  in May.    In the meantime, we will continue to tackle projects around the house, spend time with family and friends,  and keep plugging away at Amazon, doing our part to keep the economy growing!