Back in Maine!

view from  across the road

About three weeks ago, I arrived at Mt Desert Campground for our second season.   Last year, my wife came up first, and I joined her after the conclusion of the school year.  This year the tables were turned…  She came up a week ago.   We have been working hard to help get the grounds ready for our opening which will be Memorial Day Weekend.

It is amazing to see just how much effort goes into preparing for the season.  Each site, and all of the roads get raked..   fallen trees are cut up  and chipped..    dead trees are taken down…  the water system is  charged and inspected…   and this just represents the beginning!

out to dinner in bar harbor

The weekend that Janet showed up, we celebrated by going into Bar Harbor for dinner…   our first visit to the Thirsty Whale turned out to be very pleasant..   totally enjoyed the blackened fish and chips!    Janet’s arrival in Maine was especially well-timed..  the second night that she was here, I awoke at 1 am with a very sharp pain in my lower stomach..  within minutes it was rather intense, and we made the decision to visit the ER… first time that we needed to use health facilities on the island..  so off to Bar Harbor..    after 4 hours,  lots of pain meds,  and a cat scan,  the doctor determined that I had a  kidney stone…  he sent me home with more meds..   that was nice, because by the time we got home, i needed them…   i slept on the couch for 2 hours, and then, after Janet left for her first day of work, I curled up in bed with the cat…  he kept me company the whole day long..   by the evening, I was back on my feet, and the next day I returned to work..  what an experience that was..  pain on a scale that I can only remember once before when I experienced nasty back spasms..    thanks for being there when I needed you, dear!

maine shed project

Early in the spring I saw a great looking shed on Pinterest, and I dreamed of building a similar one on our site to help out with storage..  our camper is on the small side, and an extra closet would go a long way toward making life a little easier..   When I floated the idea to the owner, he quickly agreed and helped to clear and prepare a space 🙂   this is where things stand at the moment..  I just picked up the materials to make a door and to finish the trim.. after that, another coat of paint on the trim and it will be done!

first smore of the season

this evening marked a particularly special occasion..   we made a campfire ( our second)  and we broke out the smores  ingredients  🙂     we each had two…   life is good  🙂

evening at the campground

we have already seen some spectacular sunsets…  we are blessed to be able to live, work and play in such a beautiful area…   and we especially appreciate our co-workers and the Criaghead family, owners of the campground who take their role as stewards of a spectacular property so seriously and who delight in sharing it with so many campers who visit the campground each year.    It is nice to be back in Maine!

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2 comments on “Back in Maine!

  1. marymaryone says:

    Glad you are feeling better and settling in.

    • lifeat6mph says:

      thanks! we have been working hard… loving life in maine.. hope to get out to the azalea gardens after work some day this week… we open on thursday, so we will soon settle into a routine…

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