The quiet before opening day…

it seems that the chipmunks are a bit more aggressive this year… they have no fear!   I came in to put the water on for a cup of tea, and just that fast, out of nowhere,  this little guy came and  got very comfortable…  leave my peanuts alone!

in fact..  well,  let the next shot speak for itself…

oopes   too late

i sure am glad that  there were only a few peanuts in that can!

later this evening…  we took a walk around the campground and then got ready for  our co-workers to come play corn hole..  none of us are particularly good, but we sure have a good time!

corn hole time

soon the campground will be filled with campers… lots of energy, lots of excitement…   and it will be a lot of fun meeting new folks and greeting returning campers…  but for now, we are just enjoying the last few quiet evenings 🙂         jt


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